It was an opportunity for me to spread the circle to another location. I was ecstatic about this new place for me to gather women. Unfortunately, as I spoke to the secondary business owner, it was clear that she had already decided that my mission was not aligned with her mission before I even opened my mouth. As I returned my laptop to its bag, she voiced a hope of seeing me again. I informed her that my appointment for a Tibetan Palm Healing was the next day in her shop.
The car ride home was filled with utter disappointment as my heart dropped to my feet.
There are any number of reasons why things do not go as hoped when dealing with the game called life. I thought that there was an individual with whom I would marry and bear children. Luckily for me, that did not work out. There is an entire world of self discovery that I would have missed had that path gone as scheduled not to mention the decline of that relationship. My present self would not have been happy with that stagnant energy of a person. It was always an assumption that my job would fulfill me forever which led me to a graduate degree to further educate myself for my profession; the solution to that formula is career transition. Now, here is another slice of disappointment.
My mind wonders through the silver lining of it all. There are no attachments to this part of town now. I am free to come and go as the gypsy that I am. There are other places where I could make my presence felt. The bottom line for me is that I can no longer be in a position where other people make decisions that affect what I do in any aspect of my life.
It was necessary for me to break free from my parents as a twenty something person just to have a say in the direction in the life that I was living. An unhappy best friend decided to make a decision about my life for me without even speaking to me about it which resulted in the end of our friendship. My current job has administration that dictates guidelines and regulations. It is apparent to me that I should push forward in making my dream of self employment a reality if for only one reason; I no longer wish to be told what to do.