After a rather eventful Saturday evening, Sunday morning found me rather sleepy. I did not have a desire to venture out into the world yet again. There was a gathering that I wanted to attend but was not sure if I would go. Staying home in the comfort of my own bed combined with the safety of my zone was quite appealing. At the last minute, I decided that there would be nothing ventured by staying in. I dressed in various shades of red with my gorgeous rose quartz necklace and left.

I did not know anyone. No one knew me. The home was covered with crystals for sale. All of them were beautiful. I felt so comfortable in this new space. There was no need to rush without looking at everything at least a million times. I received knowledge and outstanding food. The opportunity to network and connect with other women also presented itself, and I enjoyed the conversations. If I had stayed home, I would have missed all of this. As the weekend closes, I have a new crystal to work with and a new resource to call upon.

Sunday night has fallen and the cars outside have slowed. KCI and JoJo are singing Lately on the radio, and my mind is following the piano in the background. As I prepare for meditation, the sharing of feelings and warm sentiments that have come across during this weekend have been simply wonderful. It is a true gift to be in a position where my sisters feel comfortable reaching out to me to share their observances as me because of a connection. I revel in the love of my sisters and hearing their stories warms my heart. I want to soar high above the earth and feel the radiance of the sun as the wind propels me into greater horizons. I wonder what my week shall bring….