As I lay on the wooden floor, the colored lights bounced all around the darkness. I could hear my fitness instructor tapping her 6inch stiletto awaiting movement from my body. My mind was realizing what an increadible healing it was experiencing. The sweat that had formed a puddle was the effect of a detoxification process; this was the greatest release ever. My energy levels had instantly sky rocketed and perhaps my sleeping pattern shall readjust itself this evening in spite of the full moon being so near.

I decided to treat myself to dinner at Whole Foods. I wanted to take a break from cooking for the last month and longed to consume an organic meal. The lobster bisque and salmon were delicios. As I sipped on sparkling water, I decided that I would have tea with senna as I enjoyed a nice long hot bath. This would allow me to feel the sensation of my own skin as the warm water soothed it. My heart is light and my mind is free. I am so very happy:)