You have been requesting this for years….the moment has come…


People that know me have told me for years that my confidence level is out of this world.  In this intimate setting, I discuss ways that helped me build that glowing feeling within myself and then how it is portrayed to the world.  By using the combination of my vast performance background, combined with my journey as a female, you can create your own set of tools to use in your life.  ***Approximately 1-2hrs.  ***Price: TBA  **For more information: E: [email protected]  P: 866.592.5926



Are you curious about cultivating your spirituality? Interested in different practices that you can use to feel connected to something bigger than yourself?  Maybe you have spiritual practices that you already use but want a refresher.  Walk through a guided discussion of what you can do to create your own practices to embrace the universe.  ***Approximately 1-2hrs.  ***Price: TBA **For more information: E: [email protected]  P: 866.592.5926



A reading is your opportunity to get feedback about your life from a universal perspective.  In this gentle 1:1 session, guides can address your concerns and offer you comfort, words of encouragement and more.  It is often able to provide you with information that you have been searching for as well as reminding you of your own inner truths. E: [email protected]  P: 866.592.5926


This self guided meditation is executed to live harp improvisations.  It can be scheduled privately or for groups.  You can set your own intention in order to meet your personal needs.  I simply provide the music to put you in the realm where you desire to exist. Price: TBA
E: [email protected]  P: 866.592.5926