After my experience with the circle last night, I can truly tell everyone that this is something that is very important. We thrive in a sacred space dedicated to our growth. It is important to build upon the conncetions that we have with each other. Regardless of our differences, we are all connected by the fact that we walk our paths as women. That is a celebration that should be taken to the next level. The foundation is strong and more supportive than what we realize. FB, texts, phone calls are great but they do not replace the heartfelt support of hearing that story that you relate to live, or resonating with a suggestion that you know that you needed to hear.

The mere fact that I have men that support patriarchy voicing their support speaks volumes. This is not something new. It is something traditional that I have felt needed to manifest. It is with great joy that I say god made me feel like that. Please know that sentiment does extend beyond Circle time. Alone, we are outstanding individuals. Think of the endless possibilities if we are brought together for our own individual growth. We are our own natural resources. The women that attend the circles have amazing talents that can be shared with you for your benefit. The next circle of sisterhood is August 31st. I challenge all of you to be there and to bring a friend:)