As I took my walk before sunset, I saw a young woman lighting a cigarette at a bus stop. This scene brought many thoughts to my mind. How old were you when you began doing this, and is this something that you plan to continue doing? Do you know how toxic it is to your health? Do you care? You are so young.

My walk continued down the block as the cars rushed by no doubt hurrying to work. Where was that young woman headed with that cigarette while boarding a public bus. It made me think about her life, and the choices that she had to make. Something led her to inhaling harsh fumes into her lungs. How many of us smoke cigarettes?

It is not only an act of buying a pack and lighting up somewhere. Smoking cigarettes could also be repeatedly skipping those workout classes in favor of McDonalds. You paid for the yearly membership because you wanted to lose weight as a New Year’s resolution; however, it was not sincere and you went right back to Walgreens for a pack.

You have friends that you have been meaning to spend time with. That was six months ago. Now, life changes have arisen: marriage, children, that new house on the west side of the country. Did you even know that she had a boyfriend? Were you too caught up in your own life to see that your friend was happy and wished that you had been a part of it?

The guy that you have been seeing never remembers your birthday. When you do spend time with him, there is no affection. You barely have anything in common. Are you really going to continue inahling this cigarette or are you going to give that fresh mountain air a chance?

Old habits die hard. Patterns are difficult to break. Many people want band aids instead of getting to the root of the situation. I do not know that girl or her circumstances. However, that pesky habit is not healthy for her, and I can only imagine what internal damage is being caused because of her free choice to light another one. If there is only one cigarette in your box, take that one and work on it. Research the resources, ask for help, strive to be the best you possible.

You may not be a gym person and that is why you avoid going. However, there is a pilates studio down the street and you like the required attire. Why not try that? Karen called just last night to invite you to tea. Instead of texting no you can’t go because you are too tired, why not invite her to try that Pilates class with you and then the two of you can go to Whole Foods for dinner and a nice long girly chat? (working out does wonders for your energy levels). During dinner, she just may tell you that Alex just got back to town and was asking for you. The universe wants you to stop smoking too if only you give it a chance by acknowledging its signs.