Change is a personal choice because it involves effort. Effort is something that not every individual on the planet has the desire or integrity to execute. It is easier to speak about an issue without the person’s knowledge instead of confronting the person. Instead of dieting an exercising, many opt to spend tons of money on plastic surgery only to be disappointed when the weight returns. A band aid is too small to cover a wound; it requires a team of surgeons.
Change is not something that you can hope for or expect. You must take part in it. How? It begins with something small. Perhaps you are unhappy with the way that you carry yourself. You lack confidence or that extra spring in your walk. You know about these things but have yet to do anything about them. What is stopping you? Perhaps it is fear.
Fear is a crippling disease that begins in our own minds and can rob us of our hopes and dreams. Obstacles may appear larger than what they truly are when in truth, help could be just around the corner. I have found that I am surrounded by people that know a lot about other avenues that can often assist me. It only takes asking the right person the right question. It takes starting a conversation with that nice gentleman inside the botanica. When you want to help yourself, people want to help you.