Sep 22

Torment (6/2/2020)

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We are halfway through the chaos that is called 2020. No one seems to remember placing any of these atrocities on their vision board. We are wearing masks and appearing disheveled in zoom meetings. Appointments are required everywhere and long lines of people gather in front of shopping stores. Free [...]

Sep 22

Dalia (8/10/2020)

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Delia knew that she would have to get a divorce. Her husband was obviously cheating on her, and she could not just stand by in complete oblivion. Her job was another issue. She was unhappy working from 9-5 for someone else without any hopes of making her own dreams come [...]

Sep 22

Lady in White

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LADY IN WHITE I can't believe that prom was just a few months ago. The strains of Pomp & Circumstance linger in the distance. It was hard for me to decide to go away to college at the last minute. However, I felt that it was the right thing for [...]

May 20

Adulting in Corona

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The end of April gifted me with a vehicular accident. My days are filled with appointments and paperwork. It is a full time job and working from home makes it easier. The problem is that it does not take away from everything else. There is a leak in my garage […]

Apr 29


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When you see a queen, it stops your heart. The notion of the divine becomes an actual entity right before your very eyes. Pray to it. Worship it. Be thankful for the interaction.

Dec 27

Pussy Harassment

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Pussy Harassment They were beautiful. I blinked and blushed. One asked about her dress. The other smiled. Another yet piled her locs upon her head and posed. The ding announced the arrival of pics on the cell. Great day in the morning. How does a red blooded woman handle such […]

Oct 16

Tuesday Twinge

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Tuesday Twinge It was something just for me. An hour all to myself. I did not have to share. I did not have to be in charge. I was free to react in any manner that I felt was appropriate. My time was all about what I needed as an […]

May 11

Your Own Thing…..

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You have to have your own bag of tricks from which you create your own thing. The world is filled with people that are content to sit on their asses and do absolutely nothing while others yet compete for the spot of best imitator in life. With the uncertainty that […]