Empath Suggestions……

1.) Avoid large crowds
2.) Cover your head
3.) Try to wear light colors
4.) Watch your diet
5.) Exercise
6.) Create a list of things that are able to shift your energy when you are feeling low.
7.) Understand that some people will never understand you. This is their problem and not yours. You will often find such individuals are in your family. The insecurity belongs to them. You are not to take it on as your own.

8.) Keep inspirational material around you so that you do not have to go searching for it when you need it.
9.) If you have a crystal or religious symbol that you like, keep it on your person or in a bag.
10.) Stay hydrated. Plenty of water (room temperature) is good for you. Consider a splash of lemon.

Empaths, Indigoes, Earth Angels, & Fringe

There is a segment of our population that is often called weird, strange, or out right nuts. Why? They do not act or react like everyone else around them. They feel everything around them and often take on the emotions of others. The news is avoided simply because it is too depressing. They are quick to connect to energies that no one else seems to detect. In truth, everyone is capable of having such experiences; however, not everyone has the courage to follow through with developing themselves for what they truly are. That fear is then expressed through attacking the people that choose to embrace themselves with labels, assumptions, and drastic conclusions.
The life of a sensitive individual is a sacred one. It is a special journey that one gets to walk. It has its highs and of course it has the very bottom of the abyss. The rewards that are reaped are countless. It is a gift that is not often cherished by so called society which is why it is important to be around people that relate or understand such a gem. Once a person of this nature has the proper foundation, the possibilities are endless.