My Community of Women: New Thoughts, Basic Needs

Crystal & Crystal

Crystal & Crystal

What is the name of the magic that happens when women congregate with each other? It is a universal sensation. At some point, the thought enters our heads that you know, I want to hang out with other women such as myself. No kids. No men. No talk about the 9-5pm. Let’s just get together and enjoy the finer things in life. Connections and new support systems occur because of such gatherings. Memories are made and selfies galore attack social media.
Movements exist in the modern day on this very ancient concept: Sister Talk, Girl Connections, Girls’ Night Out, Women’s Circles….all of them are based on the various needs of our feminine community. As a proud facilitator of women’s circles, I know of the need for such concepts because of how they sustain us. Women need their own space in which to express themselves and develop. It is also a chance to see the wonderful personalities that exist among us.
As the first month of a new year comes to a close, my heart wants more for my little circle. It is time for us to leave the beach as a main fixture. We need to get out into the community and be seen by others sitting down in coffee houses. December saw the introduction of focus groups which will continue into the Spring. Discussions should remain but let’s step up the accountability of each other. There are new business owners that would benefit from casual mentoring conversations. Every single one of us would benefit from tea, coffee, or even a nice glass of wine. Our village should be in place so that it can grow. It is our responsibility to do such things so that our daughters can easily take our places.
What thoughts do you have about your community of women? Do you think that it should focus on a new agenda?


She emerged fearless. She glowed a bright yellow. Her knowledge dropped with expertise, experience, and a confidence that defies most people. She held the entire room for over an hour. All of the sisters were held in captivation. No one could move. No one could speak. Time stood still. Nothing else was more important than watching the Aquarian as she took center stage. Everything else fell by the wayside. It was a small gesture to her. However, as she made suggestions to the artists, the entire room listened and grew from her flowing impromptu presentation.

Through phone calls and text messages during my Saturday, I have learned that everyone felt the same thing: sheer awe. The Aquarian will be doing a workshop for us shortly because of her willingness to share, the beauty that she had while doing it, and her knowledge of her craft is above and beyond the norm.

The focus was on dreams. I presented the use of the amethyst and how one should track the symbology and patterns that appear in the sleeping mind. We made dream books and created suggestions on how such things could be manifested into reality. However, the strong connection that all of us felt to this little woman as she commanded the room with her awesome power was outstanding. We are lucky to have her in our midst….and to think, it was her first time.
She has made an impression on us all.

I have learned that I am to expect the unexpected. Each circle is vastly different with a few themes that remain constant. We enjoy the sisterhood and the opportunity to share with one another because of the growth. We are from different backgrounds and have different lives. We celebrate together because we are women living in the same world. It is my hope that our work will make this realm a better place for the women that are walking behind us. Happy Harvest Moon and charge those crystals.


This was the most interesting circle to date due to the random events that in truth were actually connected. As the sisters gathered in the circle, a random man presented himself while speaking in a foreign language. He insisted on lighting our candles for us. He burned himself. He went so far as to light a candle in his shirt despite our pleas not to burn his face off. This process continued throughout the evening. Once the candles lit up the night sky, the fun began.

Little girls began to invade us. One little girl felt the need to run over at least twice to say hello. She would always pause before leaving again. Another little girl was hooping with her family right next to our circle. She came to inquire about our candles. I answered her as I found her curiosity to be quite timely. Even a mother that seemed to be nursing her baby was drawn to our circle and spent some time in admiration.

The four of us were quite taken by the awesome sight of the Blue Moon. It was full and had a pleasing aura. Under this potent sight, we bonded with long stories of life. We were together in those moments which now live in our hearts. All of us commented on how connected we felt being together in the circle sharing our feelings and our lives. The sounds of the not so distant drums kept us entranced while the flames flickered. There was one woman that danced with wreckless abandon and complete joy. Had it not been for the time at hand, I gladly would have joined her as her hips defined the beat of the drum and the foreign words that accompanied it. She felt the energy of the celestial body and gladly translated that emotion through motion.

This was a very special night indeed. I am happy to say that I was able to share information that I penned regarding astrology as oppossed to my normal research quotes. It was more authentic for me and gave me a great sense of joy to uplift my sisters as they received the blessing of the ocean and the beauty of being sisters. We were proud happy women tonight. I look forward to being in that space again.


After my experience with the circle last night, I can truly tell everyone that this is something that is very important. We thrive in a sacred space dedicated to our growth. It is important to build upon the conncetions that we have with each other. Regardless of our differences, we are all connected by the fact that we walk our paths as women. That is a celebration that should be taken to the next level. The foundation is strong and more supportive than what we realize. FB, texts, phone calls are great but they do not replace the heartfelt support of hearing that story that you relate to live, or resonating with a suggestion that you know that you needed to hear.

The mere fact that I have men that support patriarchy voicing their support speaks volumes. This is not something new. It is something traditional that I have felt needed to manifest. It is with great joy that I say god made me feel like that. Please know that sentiment does extend beyond Circle time. Alone, we are outstanding individuals. Think of the endless possibilities if we are brought together for our own individual growth. We are our own natural resources. The women that attend the circles have amazing talents that can be shared with you for your benefit. The next circle of sisterhood is August 31st. I challenge all of you to be there and to bring a friend:)