The Sacral Chakra: The Seat of Creativity

My Sacral Chakra is my dominant energy center. Naturally, it gives me the most issues while dictating the ebb and flow of my life. A spiritual dress was created to bathe it in orange so that it can bask in its natural hue. As I think of it this evening, creativity and abundance come to mind.
Allow yourself to communicate through some form of creative expression or cultivate an important hobby. It does not matter if you share it with others or attain a professional level. It needs to meet your personal needs. Perhaps you enjoyed drawing as a child but life took you in other directions. You could pick it up again in your adulthood. Take a drawing class or buy a sketch book and draw in your garden.
Many people shy away from journaling because they feel as if writing is simply not for them. In the privacy of your own written space, how & what you are sacred matters. There is not going to be an exam or someone shoving an opinion down your throat. It can truly help with dream tracking and showing you your personal life cycles.
It is no surprise that this lower chakra is associated with fertility. Women create life and nurture it as mothers. However, one can be pregnant with things other than children. A constant flow of words may overflow from one person while another can be a source of impromptu ideas that never fail. Once you are able to pinpoint your fertile moments you can also maximize upon this power. You may discover that with deep breathing, you are able to energize this chakra as well as the others which then allows you to smile more often.
You can see the work of this chakra if you observe a connected couple at dinner. They may seem completely oblivious to the world around them because they are simply taken by the sight of each other. The interactions with other people are gentle and without effort. The sense of touch is heightened which is evident in the fact that their hands have never parted. This is the orange energy center at work.
When you sit outside in nature, you may be aware of the wind in your hair. The warmth of the sun may be comforting to you as well. If you taste a delicious pear, you will no doubt enjoy the soft compression of the fruit. The sweet juices will refresh you as you savor the moment. When we get caught up in the frantic mania of life, the little things that make it wonderful are often overlooked. That is when it is important for us to stop. Remember that a breath can change everything. A moment of silence can honor a broken system and return us to the necessary steps of healing. Write an entry in that journal about everything or nothing at all. Take the sewing class. Register for that graduate womens’ studies class. Whatever it is, allow your Sacral Chakra to take its rightful place as your seat of creativity.


The idea that someone was trying to manipulate me into spending money so that he could get a comission after I said that I wasn’t interested truly bothered me to the core. I was already disturbed by the fact that he had put my coworker in the middle of this and questioned her about me. As of this morning, I decided that something else had to be done about this situation.

How did this individual get access to my phone number? Who gave it to him? Such information is suppossed to be private. The business tactics that have been used have been improper: ambush, badgering, harassment, and now manipulation. This situation stayed on my mind all weekend. When I realized that perhaps I was suffering in silence, an email was sent to my superior officer. I told her exactly what was happening to me and how I did not appreciate my confidential information being comprimised in this manner. Someone gave him my cell number without my permission. The mere act of me pressing send gave me such satisfaction because I had the balls to do more than handle this by myself. There have been clear violations here, and the end of the story should be in my hands. Not theirs.

Why another post? Simple. There are lessons to be shared here. I made mistakes that women are guilty of all of the time. Here is a list:

1.) Be direct as possible at all times. Being subtle is not appropriate for all situations.
2.) As soon as you distrust someone, take the necessary actions to protect yourself.
3.) There is a difference between being nice and being protective of yourself: spare no expense or face.

4.) Speak to others that can properly assist your situation. I can sit here and vent all I want but until I told my boss, what actions were truly taken to have proper intervention?

Salesmen are skilled in the art of manipulation and will stop at nothing to make a comission especially if business is poor. Why else would these two nuisances be wandering around my workplace ambushing people while they are distracted with their…JOBS. This man wants to push me into a corner so that I can cut him a check just so that he will leave me alone. Its not going to happen. If I have anything to say about it, and I do…..this will not happen to anyone else. Be strong my sisters. Never apologize for taking care of yourself and never feel the need to suffer by yourself in silence. There are people out there that have a genuine interest in you and will support you in ways that you never thought possible.


Friday has finally come to my rescue and saved me from the hellatious routine of work. My slow weekend is pulling in like a gentle breeze. I look forward to some smooth jazz and wonderful company coupled with intense workouts. Something did cross my mind, and I decided to do some investigating.

It wasn’t too long ago that I began to study cycles hence my obsession with the moon. (The New Moon is upon us. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to set the intention for this new cycle. Plant your seed and watch it grow:) I learned how to create my 52 day life calendar which gives me insight into my own personal cycles in life. During this particular period, feeling restless is normal, and I am to avoid over thinking. Look at that. Isn’t that my week in a nutshell? Neck tension. Headaches. Appetite withdrawl. Lower tolerance for things that do not serve me including time eaters…..I have sent a record number of emails about problems this week. I am simply trying to protect my throat chakra and expect to receive the expert to present this shortly. I even encountered difficulty with meditation this week. Here are my proposed solutions for myself:

(1.) A slower pace leads to a slower mind. If I feel rushed, the root of the problem must be found and turned off. Going to bed earlier and waking up earlier can assist as well as by enforcing structure throughout the day.

(2.) I experimented with meditating prior to sunrise in bed. This truly put me in between both worlds. I was more awake in one than the other, and the magical music soothed the tension in my head. Because the ebb and flow of life constantly change, sometimes my meditation practice has to change as well in spite of my obsessive Piscean trends.

(3.) Working out is fantastic; however, it must be coupled with the appropriate time for you as well as with the appropriate type of workout. Some days, you may want to go for two long intense hours in the gym while other days will be perfect with a simple walk around the block with the dog. I went swimming on Sunday, but Thursday may find me rock climbing.

(4.) By Monday, I hope to replace my obscure cup of coffee with tea. The caffeine in my system isn’t good for me and interferes with the normal function of my body. I did miss the taste of it but that craving can be put on a leash now. I have had a whole week and was proud of myself for drinking more water to combat the drying effect that coffee has on your body.

(4.) While I do maintain a personal meditation practice, I also meditate with a group when the opportunity presents itself. I have even begun to “team” meditate which is something that I will present in the next circle. My current research with meditation has been translated into a project which shall be discussed at a later date.

(5.) I need to go to the beach more often. Time in the garden or a walk in the park are wonderful things to do; however, my main event is grouding myself in the waves and allowing the mother ocean to hug me with her loving energy. When I think about the fact that the ocean once covered the earth, I humble myself in knowing that she left some land alone so that we could have somewhere to live.

I have also had the good fortune to have the most wonderful sisters in the world. My morning began with one of my favorite people ever calling to check on me. The feeling that I get when a sister intentionally takes time out of her busy schedule to see how I am doing first thing in the morning is truly something special. This is a loving act that I hope everyone gets to be a part of. We are not islands but human beings that are connected to each other if we only take the time to feel that. Speaking of feeling….

Follow your feelings. Listen to them about your body. You know when something needs to be changed or if you need to be seen by a medical professional. Sometimes, you will get the distinct feeling that there is someone that appreciates your presence. Well, that is not your imagination. Pick up the phone and schedule tea because chances are very high that you enjoy that person’s presence also. When two people are able to work toward a common goal, the path has more light because of the combined energies. The resonation of that vibration can have a ripple effect and benefit many aspects of life. Two women laughing is better than one woman laughing. A happy woman can change the atmoshpere of society.

The hour is late, and my desire to have a refreshed feeling in the morning is paramount. Perhaps a spot of tea, light prayer, and a few deep breaths shall prepare me for the remainder of the night. The weekend brings thoughts of creativity and relaxation. I shall have both.

Remember your Resources

Frantic. Aggravated. Amazed. Traffic. Combat. Wine. Dark bitter chocolate. Coffee. Sleep.
These are the words that come to mind when I think about this day that I have had. I normally do not say much to the powers that be about the aggravations that I must endure under their leadership. However, it gets to a point where a Lady can only take so much before she has to put down her heel. The day has been filled with emails of misguided situations and poor judgement calls which have now landed in my lap without any resoruces or preparation. I am not blocking my throat chakra over this as I just recently got over almost being sick. It isn’t even October yet.

My coffee intake has resurfaced, and it tastes wonderful. I do not plan to stay in this caffeine phase for long, but while I am here, I shall enjoy it. It gives me the sustaining feeling of heat that I want. It is stronger than the tea, and the taste of the French Vanilla Cream is outstanding. Then the chocolate chip cookies manifested from thin air. Who knew.

I was able to make it to my workout which had its own side issues and balls being thrown. However, in spite of the pain in my neck and the fact that the traffic was awful, I had so much fun and felt my worries fade away if only for an hour. Now that I am back on the home front, the sink has been cleared and a short meditation has eased some of the clutter in my mind. It dawned on me that perhaps I had forgotten my resources as the day slowly built its chaos on me. It was when a wise woman reminded me that the beach exists for a reason. You would think that I would remember as I was just there on Sunday. Here it is…..

1.) I asked Archangel Raphael to ease the pain at the base of my neck. I am seeing the chiropractor three times this week, and it is still out of whack. The green light did engulf me, and tension was lessened.

2.) I once went on a text strike. It amazed people everywhere. I am addicted to my IPHONE in an unrelenting way. Its time to strike again if only for a day from all social networking.

3.) It seems as if everyone around me is traveling for pleasure. While I haven’t considered this as something to do this year, perhaps I need to change my mind.

4.) A musician friend alerted me to his performance on Saturday night. This would be the perfect opportunity for me to relax and engage myself on a creative level without being the source of it. It is important to be on both sides of the process…..and enjoy a nice glass of wine.

5.) When was the last time I simply soaked in a tub with bubbles and candle light? This is one of my favorite things to do and it has escaped me. Well, it is returning shortly.

6.) Holding a teddy bear can imitate pet therapy: it likes to be cuddled:)

7.) Workout and get that energy level to the proper place while easily letting go of the stress that is destroying the happy feelings that you naturally have.

I have also begun to go to bed thirty minutes earlier and have increased my water intake. I do plan to return to the beach shortly and next week Monday is completely blank as far as my schedule. Instead of filling it with things that must be done, I shall leave it blank and allow the universe to decide for me. After all, I treasure structure so that I can change it to my liking. Oh how the summer time schedule is missed. There was time, relaxation, and clarity of thought. Now, I have to fight for what is rightfully mine: sanity. Fret not. This is a challenge that I will win.


There are subtle energies that exist in the world that we as women can tap into. If we are busy, filled with toxins, or stressed, they are very easy to miss. Such energies can often heal us of worry and assist with physical ailments. We have to take the time to bond with them so that they can keep us refrehsed and open for life to evolve.

Solitude gives us a chance to stop and think without distractions. It enhances your crown chakra. You can get in touch with your own voice without the interference of other influences that would normally drown it out. Just practising an “existence” in combination with a meditation practice can be quite beneficial when understanding how to listen to the guidance that the universe has to offer. Spend quality time away from social networking and other people in order to fully grasp these benefits. If you meditate in a group, consider adding your own meditation to that as well. You may find that the various experiences take you to different places and ultimately give you different answers. You may even connect with various light beings with these approaches. Explore your route and find out what works best for you. That is the menu that you are to follow. The combination of prayer and meditation can also work wonders.

Many women complain that they wish that they had more time to dedicate to themselves but that there isn’t enough time in the day. How is it possible that we as natural receivers give away too much of ourselves and then have nothing left? You schedule time to go get your nails done. You find time to eat. Schedule an appointment with yourself on a regular basis in order to accomplish those little things that you know will ground you. When you are ready to spend time with yourself, disregard the clock as you are your own priority. Others will respect your time and space if you begin to do the same. Living a life with a scattered brain will bring you scattered results.

This week in particular has brought the ever popular, “I am upset because I have eaten everything…”. Remember that we are humans. Women in particular are affected by various cycles including our favorite menstration. Your mind and body will react differently during these cycles and may demand different things. There is nothing wrong with falling off the horse for a little while and eating that dessert for a few days. However, if you stay off the horse and do not return to your exercise regimen or reintroduce greens in your diet, then the true defeat will begin. If you spend time at one extreme of the scale, take the time to balance it out by detoxing and truly watching what you put in your body. Your diet is a big part of your health and affects how you receive your messages and your thought process.

What about my feminine side? I have no time to devote to her. Of course you do! Instead of that treadmill this evening, why not try a Middle Eastern Dance class and unleash that goddess with ancient moves that were designed for your body by women. The natural moves will compliment what you already call your physical temple. Wake up a little earlier and play with your hair in the mirror. You planned on wearing black and white to that function? Why not add a dash of red to your outfit. You have flannel pajamas but do you have a silk teddy? There are many ways that you can work your girliness back into your life.

Creative outlets are another way of keeping that inner girl happy. When was the last time you painted something? You do not have to be Picasso to enjoy the feeling of a paintbrush on paper. If you enjoy reading affirmations, why not try writing some of your own to keep yourself inspired?
Attend the current opera or go to that restaurant that has a new jazz night. Why you could even be the newcomer at the spoken word night at the local lounge. There are so many resources for you to utilize those skills that you may have left behind in elective classes years ago. Allow them the pleasure of keeping you in touch with the expression of your own voice. Your sacral and throat chakras will say thank you.

Its Saturday night and the art walk is beginning in Wynwood. I can hear the cars on the street passing by as my fingers click away on the keyboard. I have ventured out today to wander about the world and shall use my evening to connect to myself and understand my own desires. My upcoming plans for classes excite me as I continue to develop, research, and share. The exercises from the last two circles are still in effect. My Moonflower is sprouting quite nicely with my balance intention, and my shell sits in my crystal grid as it reminds me of what I am working towards as far as a smaller intention. It brings me great joy to continue to improve and share with my sisters as all of us strive to be better women in a world that does not always welcome us. Take some time for yourself this evening and rejoice in the fact that you did something nice for yourself.