Music Meets Reiki in Miramar

The room was filled with people eagerly awaiting energy work. They were quiet and attentive. As the Reiki healers got into formation, I began to arpeggiate. My music would serve as the soundtrack for a Reiki Circle.
One by one the songs engulfed me. The line between the notes and myself was no more. Between improvisations and familiar tunes, self expression was taken to a new level. Dynamic markings became instructions from God as I made certain that piano was quiet and forte was loud. It felt as if my entire life was on point if only for a mere sixty minutes. There was no fear. Anxiety did not exist. The only thing that was present was the music as it accompanied the gentle healing energy that dominated the room.
Tears were shed. Testimonies were given. People were overcome by the divine experience. Exclamations of the best Reiki circle ever were shared. All I could do was smile. I did something important yesterday. I shared a piece of myself during a critical moment. They came looking for a safe space for healing. That is exactly what they received. For this uplifting experience, I am grateful.

My Community of Women: New Thoughts, Basic Needs

Crystal & Crystal

Crystal & Crystal

What is the name of the magic that happens when women congregate with each other? It is a universal sensation. At some point, the thought enters our heads that you know, I want to hang out with other women such as myself. No kids. No men. No talk about the 9-5pm. Let’s just get together and enjoy the finer things in life. Connections and new support systems occur because of such gatherings. Memories are made and selfies galore attack social media.
Movements exist in the modern day on this very ancient concept: Sister Talk, Girl Connections, Girls’ Night Out, Women’s Circles….all of them are based on the various needs of our feminine community. As a proud facilitator of women’s circles, I know of the need for such concepts because of how they sustain us. Women need their own space in which to express themselves and develop. It is also a chance to see the wonderful personalities that exist among us.
As the first month of a new year comes to a close, my heart wants more for my little circle. It is time for us to leave the beach as a main fixture. We need to get out into the community and be seen by others sitting down in coffee houses. December saw the introduction of focus groups which will continue into the Spring. Discussions should remain but let’s step up the accountability of each other. There are new business owners that would benefit from casual mentoring conversations. Every single one of us would benefit from tea, coffee, or even a nice glass of wine. Our village should be in place so that it can grow. It is our responsibility to do such things so that our daughters can easily take our places.
What thoughts do you have about your community of women? Do you think that it should focus on a new agenda?

Empath Suggestions……

1.) Avoid large crowds
2.) Cover your head
3.) Try to wear light colors
4.) Watch your diet
5.) Exercise
6.) Create a list of things that are able to shift your energy when you are feeling low.
7.) Understand that some people will never understand you. This is their problem and not yours. You will often find such individuals are in your family. The insecurity belongs to them. You are not to take it on as your own.

8.) Keep inspirational material around you so that you do not have to go searching for it when you need it.
9.) If you have a crystal or religious symbol that you like, keep it on your person or in a bag.
10.) Stay hydrated. Plenty of water (room temperature) is good for you. Consider a splash of lemon.

Empaths, Indigoes, Earth Angels, & Fringe

There is a segment of our population that is often called weird, strange, or out right nuts. Why? They do not act or react like everyone else around them. They feel everything around them and often take on the emotions of others. The news is avoided simply because it is too depressing. They are quick to connect to energies that no one else seems to detect. In truth, everyone is capable of having such experiences; however, not everyone has the courage to follow through with developing themselves for what they truly are. That fear is then expressed through attacking the people that choose to embrace themselves with labels, assumptions, and drastic conclusions.
The life of a sensitive individual is a sacred one. It is a special journey that one gets to walk. It has its highs and of course it has the very bottom of the abyss. The rewards that are reaped are countless. It is a gift that is not often cherished by so called society which is why it is important to be around people that relate or understand such a gem. Once a person of this nature has the proper foundation, the possibilities are endless.

Reiki: A Solution

She was loquacious. The chaos in her life seemed to spill into her dialogue, and it was completely unlike her. As the bedlam began to engulf me, I realized what was needed. The empath needed to be balanced because she had been taken by too many energies, and it was very difficult for her to find herself or feel grounded. My table soon appeared and she was instructed to climb aboard.
A few weeks ago, I acquired a piece of furniture that is able to house all of my spiritual tools: crystals, statues, incense, etc. It is a magnificent spectacle that doubles as a healing altar. The table was set in front of it. It occurred to me that she would benefit from the larger crystals. As I began to place them on her back, she made a noise that alarmed me. After inquiring if all was well, she informed me that a very pleasant shock went down her back. After thinking about the energies that were disturbing her, smudging became rather appropriate. There I was circling the table as if I had a track to run. It was necessary for me to sit at the top of the table in order to work on her head. It was of great concern to me and required its own time.
Her energies rocked me back and forth. Once they settled, it became apparent that she had a nice angelic background that came to join the session. As the session came to a close, the chair served as my comfortable foundation. It felt nice to have such a relaxing experience. It was meaningful and natural for me to be serving in this healing capacity. She came back to the present day and appeared to be waking from a deep sleep. All of the unnatural chatter and discord had vanished. A slow and gentle calm had claimed her and thinking patterns seemed clear once more. I personally can not wait until my next opportunity arises to perform Reiki once more so that I can can step into that gentle sanctuary.

The Pictures

As I looked at my father’s picture, the frame seemed small and unfit for such a great man. It was then that I decided to enlarge the picture and get a proper frame so that I could look at my father with an appropriate view. While making the necessary arrangements at Walgreens, it occurred to me that my mother would appreciate a larger print of the same picture. I adjusted the order while picking out frames. The photographer soon informed me that he printed three picture by mistake and would only charge me for two; the third one would be on him. A smile crossed my face because that was not a mistake. My father wanted me to give the third picture to my brother whom is still quite shaken by his departure although he does not say it aloud.
When I entered my door, I eagerly placed the new picture in its new frame on the appropriate altar. Daddy now sat next to his father in a lovely frame. The interesting part of this is that a few years ago, my mother enlisted my help with a little project that she wanted to work on for my father. She said that he spoke about his father every single day and the man had been dead for well over twenty years. It was a testament to the connection that Daddy always recognized. She said that he had a small picture of his father. She wanted to have it enlarged but was not sure how to go about doing it. I asked her to give me the picture so that I could take care of it for her. I had two copies of the picture enlarged. One was returned to my mother for my father to enjoy. The other went on my altar. My grandfather was in heaven long before I came into existence; however, I have known him my entire life. Both of them now pursue new things in the land of the ancestors as their pictures lay before me.

Reiki: The Practicioner

As soon as she lay on the bed, she fell asleep. It was as if her body had been waiting for this one moment for a very long time; an opportunity to relax and let all cares fade away into the distance. The process was more natural for me than what I had anticipated. Such a session allows me to follow my intuition completely. While working on my client, my crown chakra suddenly became rather engaged. Fortunately for me, such an action was anticipated, and I simply slipped my scarf over my head. I soon realized that while I had been focused on the effects that would be experienced by the other party, there were also beneficial effects for me.
It was a challenge to remember all of the information that was received during the session until the end. The points that I broached were confirmed and developed into a comforting discussion. Relaxation and solitude were a requirement for this individual. I am excited to see where this new journey takes me.

The Continuing Journey

A few weeks ago, I attended a class on pendulums. There is one on an altar somewhere, but it is never used because I always found it confusing. My decision to attend was at the last minute and received with a lot of enthusiasm. It made me social and I learned something. There was also an individual that took another look at me which caused quite a stir amongst my friends for the remainder of the weekend.
With my feet back into the educational swing, my attention turned to the Brian Weiss workshop. It had been on my calendar since the Fall, but I hesitated to register in case a performance arose. The current prices were astronomical, and I booked a client for a reading instead. Needless to say, the universe had other plans for me. As I dined on my Whole Foods dinner on Saturday night, a call came in regarding the workshop. A free ticket was being given to me. The erasure marks were still in my schedule. It was then that I realized that there had to be reason why I needed to be present. My schedule was immediately adjusted to accommodate this amazing opportunity.
While I have conducted past life regressions, Brian Weiss is not someone that I have ever read about or looked into on a serious note. This was going to be my immersion into his findings. The exercises and meditations made me rather sleepy. A signed book and new Steven Halpern cd accompanied me home to a nice night of slumber. So, I know that you are wondering why I was there.
It is still a bit of a mystery to me. There wasn’t anything terribly new to my ears although it was a relaxing time. My answer may come to me a bit later. Well, there is one thing. During one of the meditations, I saw myself wearing a flower halo in a lovely white dress with my hands in a prayer pose. There was also the sight of my harp logo. Perhaps there is an immediate find after all.

Hi Daddy

As I tiptoed into the office, an associate greeted me. I sat down and leaned in with a whisper: “I do not know where my father is buried”. She was very kind and responded that it is a very common occurrence. A map was presented which soon followed an escorted ride to the exact spot where my father was last seen in his body. There is no tombstone as of yet because my mother has yet to address it. On top of the place where the casket that held him descended into the earth is where my body planted itself for some time today. The sound of wind chimes were very pleasant. Other people were in other locations in the graveyard delivering flowers to their loved ones. My father would probably prefer a copy of Sports Illustrated or The Miami Herald.
There I sat simply having a conversation with him. His contributions to my life make me wonder if I am being effective with my life purpose. Am I making a difference? What is my legacy? The wind began to push me about as my feet carried me to my car. As I drove away, mental notes were taken regarding the spot of my father’s grave in the hopes that I could return with ease. It was time for me to return to Broward County so that I could further my knowledge about ancestors; there was a class on the subject. Because I have such a direct connection now, it is a topic of great interest to me.

The Massage: A Compassionate Healing

My mother has been doing better with the mourning process. She has remained as social as ever and attends to daily matters. She did not speak about my father as much as she did in latter months. Physical ailments began to plague her and trips to the physical therapist began. Since I have my own history with physical issues, I asked about massages. She was not receiving any. I thought about how a massage therapist worked on me shortly after Daddy passed away. She volunteered to work on me as a way to help me with the tremendous loss. It was such a kind compassionate gesture. We became friends after that. Naturally, I thought it would be great if she could work on my mother; it was a surprise.
We met at my mother’s house all the way down South. Upon introducing my mother to my friend, it was explained that she was a massage therapist. Mommy’s face quickly crumpled into a questioning expression, “Who is getting a massage?”. She was not expecting the massage or the live harp music that I was providing during her session. I had done this same thing for her many years ago with the assistance of my father. I told him what I wanted to do. He said okay, not to worry about anything. Mommy was dressed for the massage therapist when she arrived and to this day, I do not know what Daddy said to her.
As the session got under way, the repertoire included many of the songs that Daddy enjoyed. It was natural for me to perform Mommy’s favorite Adagio Cantabile. Upon hearing it, she asked me to play it again. We soon heard a lot of sniffling. The music continued as the massage worked its magic. Fortunately, we had convinced her to have a session for 1.5 hours. She needed every minute of it. Upon completion, my friend, and I sat on my mom’s bed and chatted for a while. Mommy was fast asleep which was good because that was another issue since her loss. She was out for a good fifteen minutes before she rustled a bit. We told her to stay put and take her time.
It was amazing to witness such a healing take place. My friend felt so honored to have been a part of my family during this significant time. She was a good fit based on her compassionate heart. Mommy was able to do a lot of releasing on that table. I can only imagine the pain that she still experiences with such a tremendous loss. Mommy talked about my father for the remainder of the day which is something that she had stopped doing as much. It is my intent to help her get more massages on a regular basis.
Because we enjoyed the process so much, my friend and I are thinking about creating a package that offers this service to the general public. We felt as if we wanted to receive such a wonderful gift ourselves. The music was heartfelt and the massage allowed so much to be let go. What a gift.