Nov 14

The Push

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I feel as  if this horrible experience at work has simply pushed me out of my comfort zone.  It has always been my suspicion that I have more to offer than what my job can afford me.  It is not a joy to wake up and throw myself into a [...]

Sep 9


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Summer brought a lot of pleasant changes into my life.  Business was booming.  Grantwriting officially became a thing.  There was shopping and a few dinners with friends.  Pictures were snapped, and IG became my playground.  It was a fun filled three months.  There was even a private reconciliation that brought [...]

May 25

Seventy Five Cents

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She reached out to him to attend a cultural function in support of the cast. This mysterious gesture came after a long period of him stringing her along after many protests from family and friends. He happily agreed to attend; however, he refused to drive the long distance. She would […]

Jun 16


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Your morning routine serves as the foundation for your day. As you awake to a new beginning, there are many activities that you can partake in that can uplift you and get you started on the right foot. Affirmations, inspirational quotes, or even a song can activate that throat chakra […]

Jan 7


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Before the meditation closed, the organizer mentioned his ponderings of love. He tried to understand what love truly was. The only thing that he could conclude was that love was bread to be shared in the outside world. He charged us with taking it and sharing it with others. This […]