Feb 15

Valentine’s Day

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My life is rooted in full time work as well as the freelance world. The combination of the two affords me a reality that is interesting and often filled with duality. I am an employee and my own boss at the same time. I am the woman that truly works […]

May 1

The Power of Music

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The secretary named Crystal needed to speak to me. While we were talking, she told me about the cd that I gifted the secretaries for their special day. “I wanted to thank you for the beautiful CD we received for secretary’s day. I would like to share something that happened […]

Mar 17


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In 2010, The Beginning was released as my first cd. It had occurred to me that I had fallen into simply doing performances that enabled me to be in the background; this is something that I needed to change. Music has been a passion of mine since childhood, and there […]

Mar 8

The Celtic Harpist

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I do not listen to harp music. This probably surprises many people but it isn’t something that I gravitate towards. I would much rather listen to cello or R&B music. However, the timbre of the Celtic harp is one that has always entranced me. Its history within Ireland runs deep. […]

Mar 6

Harp & Small Children

2014-03-06T21:56:02+00:00March 6th, 2014|Musician Life|0 Comments

It was a bright and sunny Christmas morning. My performance was inside of a country club in West Palm Beach. Since it was for five hours, there were many breaks to take. Upon returning from my second break, a mother brought her young daughter to meet me. She informed me […]

Jan 30


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It was a dark and stormy Wednesday afternoon. My car was packed and ready for the performance. The nice warm black sweater with pearls fit me quite nicely. As I drove down the highway, I mentally reviewed the playlist in my head. I contacted my on site person to let […]