Mercury in Retrograde: The Surprise

While en route to my rescheduled spa appointment, I received some information that shocked me into a new realization. There was someone within my midst that would have to be removed. I wasted no time in doing so. The spa was lovely: massage and nails. It had been so long. Before anything else transpired in my life, it dawned on me that there was entirely too much craziness for a simple two week span and that another explanation had to be obvious. A quick calendar check revealed to me that indeed, I was living in the shadow of the infamous Mercury in Retrograde. My head hung in disbelief. The retrogrades were never written into my new calendar; how could I do this to myself.
After conversing with a trusted friend, she made plans for us to attend a comedic movie that night. The laughter and popcorn were exactly what I needed. As Saturday morning found me cuddled with my pillow, my desire for adult activities came to light. While I was calmer about the situation, it was apparent to me that a party was in order. An invite later that night did the trick. Great care was taken in planning an outfit and doing my make up. As my feet crossed the celebration threshold, my introversion was pushed to the side as an effort was made to be social. Hookah and glasses of wine soon followed. My time in this atmosphere was greatly appreciated and very necessary.
The weekend trip was postponed due to the crazy aftermath of my mom being in the hospital. The alternative was a great culmination of fun. Monday began with client errands and the arrival of my laptop bag. Meals have been cooked today instead of purchased. A light cleansing even took place. Such things have been delayed due to the new bathroom. There is finally less dust and more order in my humble sanctuary. Life has improved as the slow cycle creeps closer to us all.

Spa Interrupted: Mother Faints Again…..

My week was hellacious. Between the men that did not know how to flush, and surmounting issues at work, I was simply exhausted. Saturday was a high point in my schedule because of the planned time at a spa. As I made my way along the street, my phone rang. It was one of my mother’s cherished friends. She calmly explained to me that my mother had passed out while in church. Apparently there were several nurses on the site that jumped into action. Mommy was shaking violently because she was so cold. The women took their own sweaters and scarves and wrapped her in them. They placed her on the floor before she fell there. The water that she was trying to drink was not in synch with her mouth which caused a great alarm with the women. They realized that something was terribly wrong in addition to my mom announcing, “I feel faint”.
My phone continued to ring for about ten minutes. Different women were calling me. I could not cancel my appointment myself. I called a friend to take care of the task for me while I drove in one piece back to Baptist; the place of my brother’s birth, as well as the place of my father’s death. Back to Baptist Hospital I went. Once I saw my mother, she looked frail and was shaking worse than a leaf. A friend was at her side while nurses scurried around like rats. “Mommy, I was going to the spa”. She apologized to me. Her cheeks were puffy as hell. The violent shaking continued. Blankets upon blankets were piled upon her until the shaking finally subsided. Friends began to arrive as word left the church and went into homes.
When I felt comfortable leaving for the cafe, all I could think about was a nice cup of coffee. As the seat engulfed me, it was apparent that my father was having coffee with me. We sat there and enjoyed a meal together. Where else would he be but with his family? It was nice to see him. He escorted me back to my mother’s room where I remained until lunch.
My mother has a broken heart that will not heal any time soon. The sisterhood has gathered in numbers once again to stand at the side of their beloved Amy. All of them stand next to me as well. There is nothing like it on earth. The support that these women provide is unbelievable. Daddy’s departure has caused new issues to arise in my life; the biggest one being, my mother can no longer live alone. At age 37, this is new territory for me. My mother will not allow me to take control and help her and yet, she remains in her own way. The only thing that I can do is pray for my father to intercede while I gather information.