Oct 31

The Vagina IV: Maintenance and Upkeep

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Pluck. Shave. Design. Blood. Itchy. Wax. Tweeze. Every woman is familiar with these words in relation to her sacred yoni part. Each woman has a different approach to her secret place. Some have standing waxing appointments for the entire enchilada while others yet prefer the raging bush of the jungle. […]

Aug 12

THE VAGINA: The Misunderstanding

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The portal of life. The entrance into the universe. The vagina has been misunderstood from the beginning. It has been locked away in chastity belts and chastised for its natural behavior. The covered part has been teased for its appearance and misued for dominance. Perhaps these things have happened because […]

Aug 10


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Sometimes, I want sympathy for being f***able. I was asked why I would want sympathy instead of congratulations. Well, I get congrats all the time. People stop me in the streets, friends admire(the fake ones were lost with the weight), and the sight of my own body in progress is […]

Jul 18


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The chasing & acquiring of a dick is a difficult business.  How does a single girl narrow down her choices to just the right pleasureable delight? Will it be just the right size, does it belong to another woman? Man?  Is it polyamorous, play for both teams or is it […]

Jul 18


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Got honey? or am I sweet enough? Maybe you can spread me on something.  Do you have any ideas?  Maybe we can try one of mine.  Close your eyes and allow me to purr in your ear.  Outside on the patio lays a flat circular pillow.  We can gaze at […]