Jul 31

United Tribe

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The nurse tended to me with such attention and care.  She paused when she sensed my nervousness and waited for the uncomfortable moment to pass.  The amount of questions that I had to answer was unreal.  All of the people in the hospital began milling around at 5:30am.  Security guards, [...]

Jun 13


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Understanding your own financial story requires constant work.  Notifications, budget book, stickers, financial education sessions, statements, different banks....all of these things come into play in order to make everything work.  I have gone from always feeling broke to being a vessel for my money.  I do not want to cook [...]

Feb 19

Brief Moment

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It is a cloudy Saturday morning.  The little birdie is outside singing on the patio as I complete my third bowl of breakfast popcorn.  My lackluster coffee has left me slightly awake.  Scandal is streaming on Hulu as I review a grant application.  It is the weekend, and there are [...]

Feb 10

Wells Up

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My transfer form had just been submitted.  I was excited to acquire the perfect envelope for it.  It was time to check my email.  Two messages immediately grabbed my attention.  One was for all of the jobs for which I could transfer into while the there was a request to [...]

Aug 14

August 13th

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It has been an intense summer in the life of Crystal.  My days have been filled with event preparations, practice sessions, lessons, and performances.  There has not been a single moment for loneliness to creep in.  The war between the vaccinated vs. the unvaccinated continues to rage on as the [...]

Jul 2

My Current Life

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It is the height of the slow season and my schedule is swamped with work.  I am meeting more musicians and doing more business networking.  Performances happen on any given day, and ensembles are a thing right now.  Days are spent organizing music and chatting with planners about the next [...]