It is a cloudy Saturday morning.  The little birdie is outside singing on the patio as I complete my third bowl of breakfast popcorn.  My lackluster coffee has left me slightly awake.  Scandal is streaming on Hulu as I review a grant application.  It is the weekend, and there are no plans for me to socialize.  What has transpired in my life?

Years ago, I would be headed to a wedding or hanging out with friends at a local restaurant or even a show.  These days, I find myself asking people if meeting in person is an option versus another zoom.  Most of the ladies that I know are now married or have kids that require their presence.  A significant other does not exist in my life which leaves me in a lurch.  What does a single, childless, girl such as myself do on a Saturday in 2022?  When I figure it out, I will let you know.