A rebellious girl with a stash of bring red curly hair plays the lead role. It reminded me of the Tudors with its Celtic setting. The music and legends simply delighted me as the plot engaged me. She refused to marry simply because she was told to do so and competed in a tournament for her own hand against the wishes of her parents. I saw myself in this girl.
She had her own mind and was not afraid to voice it without any regard for the opinion of others or tradition. It made me wish that my voice was found sooner in life instead of being the person that did everything that everyone wanted at my own expense. It was refreshing to watch this Disney character make her own way in the world. She eventually changed the opinions of her mother and opened her eyes to an exciting world.
More movies of this nature should be made. I will forever love Cinderella but Prince Charming does not exist in real life. Not every ending is going to be happy. Most of the time there is just an ending. Young girls should be encouraged to have an opinion that is heard by all so that they can grow into women with strong backbones and loud voices.