For the feeling that I have when I wake up after staying up too late. Coffee does not really help, but I will lie to myself and have a cup anyways. Anything after the stroke of midnight will awaken my insomnia. It affects my moods, my eyes, my entire life. Until I am able to get my rhythm back on track, the immediate response to anything is….”Bite me”. While it may not be said aloud, trust me it is being said.
My PCP recently told me that I was fat, and had to cut out dessert. The mirror did point out the fluff rising above the jeans. Yoga has not exactly worked out for me this year much to the dismay of the scale. While all of this is floating around, a man wanted to make a romantic gesture towards me not too long ago in spite of the fact that a friend told him that he had absolutely no chance. This push and pull scenario falls into the “Bite me” category.
There are quirks in life that do not invoke pleasantries. They are not tragic, but you do not have a cup of tea as they transpire. These special quirks in life will now fall into this humble little spot in my blog.