As I sit staring at the dawn of a new year, my heart is filled with passion, hope, and plans. Many lessons have been learned in 2009 which will propel me into 2010. There are people in the world that can not unleash their own demons and will destroy you in the process; these are the people that you need to stay away from even if it means a huge effort on your part. Protect yourself from negativity at all costs so that you are not caught in an energy that can do nothing but harm your light. It has also come to my attention that as busy as I have been, more business will be required in order to get everything in its exact place. It is in 2010 that I promise to have a louder more compelling voice than ever before. There are certain plans that are already in place that I plan to see through in the new year.

I have learned to never stop dreaming in 2009…in 2010, some of those dreams will become a reality. It is with this sentiment that I say to you, let this be the time when you dare to do the impossible, be the dream in 2010. Peace-Love, & Light to all. Look for my unleashing soon…..