Ever since I returned home from D.C., things have been rather strange. I experienced feelings that were not for me and felt all out of sorts on a consistent basis. I recognized things and did not recognize anything all at the same time. As the week progressed, it came to my attention that nothing was making me happy. Was there a hobby that should be taken up or perhaps retail therapy? There wasn’t an answer in sight.
Upon further investigation, I discovered that the Full Harvest Moon was in Pisces….my sign. Could this be the reason for my irrational behavior? More information came to light as September 22 was presented as the Fall Equinox. Hmmm…..perhaps both events in combination made for a rather turbulent time for me. Was it possible that there were others?
As I reached out to others, reports of the same strange feelings rose to the surface. Mild mannered coworkers became enraged creatures filled with anger and combative measures. Smiles turned to disgust and good intentions ceased to exist. Who am I was the question that ran across the board.
The feelings of last fall came to mind.
During this dark season of 2012, the Autumn Equinox came and left; however, it did not do so without notice. One night, I literally stopped what I was doing. It was as if the earth had opened itself up just a little too much and now everything was loose; feel to roam about and make noise. My hands reached for my cell: did you feel that appeared as a text and I pressed send. My phone rang as my friend explained that she had just finished a conversation with another person regarding the same topic. The veil between the two worlds had thinned in a rather dramatic fashion. Women were feeling its effects in large numbers.
It is during this time of the year that the world grows dark. The nights are short. The mysterious veil that separates the two worlds grows thin if not non-existent. People that stay in touch with the outer realms are quite aware of the changes that this brings about. Spiritual visitations increase much to the delight or dismay of society based on whom you speak with. Celebrations around the world honor ancestors as they return for a visit with loved ones. Its just that this year, the shift began a little earlier than what I had anticipated. It is not a feeling that is expressed in words but one that is simply felt. You can make the most of this time by honoring a loved one that has crossed over. It is my intent to create a little corner that honors the harvest with beautiful colors and perhaps a cornucopia. Autumn is an interesting time of year after all.