It has been an intense summer in the life of Crystal.  My days have been filled with event preparations, practice sessions, lessons, and performances.  There has not been a single moment for loneliness to creep in.  The war between the vaccinated vs. the unvaccinated continues to rage on as the pandemic produces more anxiety and new variants.  All I can do at this point is maintain my mental health appointments, and wear two masks.  Life must continue to flourish in all forms.

The Basil plant is still alive much to my pleasant surprise.  I will purchase a second plant shortly so that I can continue to enjoy watering them first thing in the morning as my day begins.  Gardening has never been my thing; however, this small act has brought me a great deal of satisfaction.  A few associates have offered to help me with the garden but alas, I must continue this project solo due to scheduling.

Clothing has taken on a new meaning.  I need to look good and well put together.  The days of dressing without intention are long behind me.  Pictures are taken regularly and the moment is forever captured in time.  A new barber has been brought on board to replace my salon lady.  He is a wonderful black bearded man that keeps me entertained during my cuts.  We always end with a picture to show off his work, and my fabulous head.

There was one day that stood out from the rest.  I went to a local boutique to pick up a summer dress.  A friend met me there.  We then proceeded to get our nails done.  It was such a wonderful bonding experience for me that I truly cherish.  One of the ultimate girl time moments is trying to figure out what color should go on your nails with company.

As my vacation closes, I have to give thanks for my life.  I am leagues away from where I was last year this time.  My life is much happier.  It is filled with abundance, prosperity, and many blessings in all departments of my life.  New connections have been made, and my business reach is stronger.  It has truly been a time of entrepreneurial bliss for which I am truly grateful.