It was a 5pm appointment at the ENT office. After dressing in my normal gypsy attire, out the door I went through the woods of Pembroke Pines. Dr. Bailey greeted me at the door and ushered me into her office. For whatever reason, I instantly took to her. Perhaps it was the information that she presented. She explained a detailed brochure about the types of hearing filters that a musician would want. It stirred something within me, and before I could blink, my mouth was spouting a full blown conversation. I told her how excited I was to be fitted for custom made ear plugs especially upon realizing that it would be a write off for me.
The fitting made a tiny mould because of the small ears that frame my face. Everything from my sound sensitivity to people with incorrect voices entered the conversation. My ear plugs will be hot pink with one red filter and the other blue. My colorful life should be reflected in my ear attire as well.