I have had the pleasant experience of requesting things and having them happen.  I asked for a topic for a specific radio show about two weeks ago, and the moderator not only accepted but delivered an educational show that I needed.  I then provided her with a testimonial which included my results from her suggestions.

A topic was briefly covered once during a dance class that I really enjoyed. I emailed the instructor and told her how much I enjoyed the brief introduction, and that I would appreciate a workshop of this nature.  She spoke to the manager the same day, and a workshop was scheduled within two weeks.  The workshop was sold out and the teacher had to make a part II in order to meet the demand.

Why it was just last week that I pulled my hot sexy diva mama fitness instructor to the side and said, you need to do a class on just that one little movement.  She smiled at me and said that she would.

The questioning process can continue to other areas of your life.  If you know that you need a certain amount of time to get a project done, why not approach your boss on the spot instead of waiting until the week prior to the deadline to begin sweating.  Maybe, you want your boyfriend to take you dancing, but it has yet to happen.  Do not drop hints…ask him.

If there is something that you want, ask for it aloud so that the universe can send it to you.  Of course, there is the old adage of be careful of what you ask because you may just get it.  ***That will be covered in another post.