I do not anticipate having children in my future. The responsibility factor doesn’t tickle my fancy. However, I did wonder what I would do if my daughter came to me and said that she wanted to be a stripper while in college. This is a rather interesting scenario to have on the brain but it did happen. My response would be simple.
From what I can tell, the life of a stripper is not the best. It is an abuse of power for the constant rain of money. While the money is fast, the woman is placed in the position of being a sex object as a lifestyle. It is not exactly a position that one should turn into a career. By the same token, a girl with the right body can use it to leverage herself into financial stability if not success.
This is not the scenario that I would want for my child; however, a parent can not dictate the terms of a child’s life. This is something that I wish all parents knew. If you ever feel uncomfortable or find yourself in a situation where you need help, call me. If this is something that you want to do, then you will have to be the best. You will always have to look like a million dollars: make-up, hair, clothes, physical appearance. I will pay for you to go to Pilates, and you will take pole classes with the finest aerial artists in the land. Promise me that this will not take you away from your studies, and it is not your last stop on the climb to success. Understand why there is a stigma attached to it. Ask yourself how you will feel if one of your professors shows up one night. Take all of these things into consideration prior to making your decision.