The end of April gifted me with a vehicular accident. My days are filled with appointments and paperwork. It is a full time job and working from home makes it easier. The problem is that it does not take away from everything else. There is a leak in my garage which needs immediate attention and then there is the vendor that likes to take money out of my account with the consent of two banks.
A police report was filed earlier today as my home alarm chirped due to a low battery. It was not long before a glass found itself graced with the pink liquid of a no name champagne. I was stressed out.
After dinner arrived, the chips began to crunch. My eyes looked to the heavens. Because I can not get assistance from the bank, the police filed a report. Last week, I was trying to figure out which car was best for me. Now, there is a wonderful vehicle sitting in my driveway which can be covered by the employment that is still maintained during a time of high unemployment. The leak in the garage is covered by the insurance that is on my home. Adulting can be a nightmare especially since all of this is mine alone to face. However, I am grateful for the resources that are in place and readily accessible to me.