About Me

During the Summer of 2012, I was encouraged to speak more openly about empowering women. It was brought to my attention that I felt passionately about helping my fellow sisters reach their true potential. The blog was the first step for me to broadcast my personal experiences with common women’s issues. The Circle of Sisterhood soon followed as a way for women to come together during the full moon for sharing and support. I believe that there should be honor amongst women. We are responsible for our community, and together we can do a better job.

Lady is the outspoken voice of a colorful individual that was once a repressed member of the matrix. One day, she woke up and became herself: free spirited. She has seen the glimmer of hope in other women and wants to share her insights and experiences that helped release her in an effort to uplift her sisters the world over. You are welcome to join her on this passionate journey of expression and love. She enjoys: music, art, poetry, dance, and beauty. She spends a lot of time admiring beauty and welcomes stimulating conversation. E: [email protected]

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