I was not far from my destination. As my eyes looked to the left, the church stood silent in its historic glory. From the day that I entered this particular church in Downtown Miami, I have thought of nothing but returning. There wasn’t a rush for me to be anywhere. My feet soon carried me to the rusty pink place of divine love.
While checking the hours to see if I could enter the beautiful doors, a homeless woman entered without noise or hesitation; as if she was giving me the okay. There were candles lit and people lost in prayer and altar salutation. A back pew attracted me. Soon my eyes were closed as I felt the reason why people flocked to this special place. A spiritual presence lives there.
In truth, I have an interesting relationship with church. I am not Catholic or Christian; however, being inside a beautiful church sanctuary is something that I enjoy. Its comforting to know that there is a place in the middle of busy streets and angry people where everything is silent and people can openly talk to God. It felt nice to have time to myself in this environment. A refreshed myself with Holy Water as I quietly exited and rejoined the outside world.