For the last few weeks, my life has lacked any purpose whatsoever. I have felt completely useless and withdrawn from the passion of living. My existence has been unimportant. These feelings lingered long enough for me to check the info regarding my personal life cycles. There it was in black and white. During cycle 7, feelings of aimlessness and pessimism frolic. Mind and spirit are low. Reading that made me feel so much better. A girl likes to think that she is associated with some sort of positive meaning in life and to be without one was a bad feeling.
Since reading that, not much has changed. The routine of life bores me. There are ways that I engage myself with fun. My nails are a screaming bold blue. My new handbag is a bright orange which has company with a matching water bottle. It is the little things in life that get me. After finally beginning the background work for some upcoming projects, my feelings are slowly coming together about myself.