Life as an entrepreneur has its own unique sets of challenges.  I do not always know when I should be productive vs.  lounging around.  For the most part, normal working hours are enforced during the week with schedule changes based on performances, meetings, and consultations.  Social plans are not made for the weekends or holidays because that is when my services are in heavy rotation.  This week alone has me performing from Thursday straight through Sunday.  Grateful would be an understatement as the busy season is on the horizon as we inch closer to December; the month that dreams are made of.  My massage therapist is on speed dial, and I just added another one to the list.

My mental health has been prioritized this year.  After quitting my teaching job as a means to improve my life, weekly therapy appointments reign supreme.  This has been the year when my therapist has proven to me why she is the supervisor of interns and why her pricing is what it is.  She is worth every penny, and I am grateful to have such a wonderful provider of sacred space and knowledgable insight.  This huge life transition makes me appreciate my sessions more now than ever.  Socialization is often a major concern.  Whom is in my company?

Most women my age are married with kids and careers that keep them busy.  As a childless single woman in her late 40s, the club scene doesn’t speak to me.  I do not even drink.  Weed does not hold an allure for me.  Failed relationships hang over my head and erect a red light as I reflect upon what I want from a serious relationship.  Marriage may not be the answer for me.  I do not want to have a family, and my power of attorney can bury me.  A serious long term relationship may not need to involve the state.  My one non negotiable is sanity.  My next romantic individual must be level headed and sane.  Healing must be a life long endeavor as well as a strong faith in god.  Respect and honor are also two other boxes that must be checked.

A business presentation about tourism was held today in Miami Gardens.  I had no idea that there was a co-working space there, and it was nice to behold.  There were some key statements and new insights that were bestowed upon me today.  However, it was the socialization post presentation that truly engaged me.  A friend showed up and I wasn’t expecting her.  Another program graduate was present, and it was nice to reconnect as she is a planner.  There was a stocky massage therapist that had to give me his card. He looks so strong.  My back would truly benefit from some of his work.  There was a man with spring water from Africa.  He gave me a complimentary bottle which I enjoyed with my dinner.  The cookies and popcorn completely took me out.

The planner shared a testimonial with me that brought tears to my eyes.  It made me think of something my contractor shared with me once while he was working in my home.  Favor.  He explained favor to me.  It made a reappearance in the testimonial.  It is a new concept for me, and it requires more reflection.  What I take from the entire thing is that you should treat everyone with sunshine.  You never know how it will be returned to you in the most beneficial of ways.  It is time for me to pour myself another glass of spring water from this beautiful bottle.