It started to rain as I lazed around. It was very dark, and I felt the need for light. Naturally, I lit a candle from my vast collection. My mind began to wander to the happenings of the week which led me to my computer.

There are many people that have unrealized potential in life. They fall short of reaching that level of outstanding or amazing simply because of fear. Fear is not a feeling that belongs in your heart. It does not serve an individual nor will it assist in understanding a higher purpose. The knowledge of what needs to be done or accepted may be present but because of fear, the person is gripped in the throes of anxious pain. Many women could be flourishing in a life filled with joy but instead, they choose to cling to that which is mundane. Our thoughts affect our decisions. Our decisions shape our life. There it is. A lifetime of decisive thought.

There is not a single situation that is given to us that we can not overcome through some way shape or form. There are resources that accompany us in the form of angels, spirit guides, totems, ascended masters, saints, gods, goddesses, and the list continues. There are people in our lives that often have an untapped wealth of knowledge to share. We have only to ask for a glass to drink from the fountain. Moments of silence are often overlooked and underappreciated as we hurry through text messages and on to the next slice of pizza. Take that moment of silence and reflect upon your thoughts, your days, your feelings. If you have a meditation practice, execute it so that you may reap the benefits. Exercises such as yoga and pilates can assist in the balancing of your mind and your physical prowess. Research your resources and embrace what works for you.

It is important as women to accept our natural gifts: healing, mediumship, empaths, etc. All women have that inner guidance that is often ignored. (we must stop this from happening to our children….) It is silenced by our minds and slayed by the demands of the world. Look in the mirror and accept yourself. If your heart truly wants to soar, why would you choose to stay on the ground and pretend to be happy with dirt? This causes suffering in silence and blocked chakras. Ultimately, the person is unhappy and simply goes through the motions of life. It is one thing to exist and quite a different thing entirely to live. Accept your self truths and use them to walk your path with clarity. Once you are able to see clearly, fog does not come as often.

We have to experience things in order to learn and grow. Some lessons are more painful than others. However, let us not forget the joyous ones that we like to use as a happy reference. There are ways of dealing with situations and there are ways of thinking that can put us in the places where we need to be in order to attain that desired level of peace. Surround yourself with positive people and positive things in order to keep your thoughts free of negativity. Suggestions you ask?

1.) A plant can help you stay connected to nature while you are inside. It can assist with your energy level and you may find relaxation while taking care of it. It also draws fairies closer to you which will bring you more light.

2.) A healthy diet can keep you more in tune with yourself and with the natural rhythm of the earth. You will be in a better place to connect with the universe and hear all of the loving thoughts that are being given to you.

3.) A plate of crystals in a place of clashing energies can help lighten the heavniness.

4.) Certain places are dark and will drain you of your energy for one reason or another. If you have an uneasy feeling about a building or house, remove yourself from the area at once. You want to avoid absorbing the negative energy. Cleanse yourself at once so that you are not keeping the toxins.

5.) The ever popular energy vampire can appear in the form of a friend or a relative. You will recognize this individual because you go out of your way to avoid this person because you always feel tired after having a conversation. Such conversations can cause your ear chakras to collapse as well as other issues that will rise to the surface in the form of fatigue and or physical ailments. You would not sit in a chair with a push pin because it would hurt your posterior. Well, if you continue to entertain the energy vampire, understand that it is the same push pin.

6.) If you have a house of worship(temple, church, mosque, river, etc.), attend regularly so that you can receive the upliftment.

Much of what I write stems from the fact that I grew tired of seeing beautiful women that simply accepted mediocrity as a way of life. They never saw that they were holding the keys to an unlocked cage door. A woman brings forth life into the universe and nurtures it. Her love can change entire societies. Her knowledge heals wounds and broken hearts. The deep slope of her curve can stop entire intersections, and her smile can ligten the darkest of situations. My sisters deserve to break free from the societal expectations and live a life of their own. It goes back to that little inner voice that has so much to drown it out. Connect with it and follow its advice. The world would benefit from more of us connecting to that inner wisdom because there would be happier people.

Its a Friday evening. Enjoy a moment of solitude. Play some soft relaxation music. Invite that friend over for a nice deep conversation. Grab your significant other and do not let go until late in the afternoon tomorrow. Dance with your own shadow. Live your life. Make it a happy one.