There I was struggling all by my lonesome.  The food consumption was completely out of control complete with sugar on the hour.  Hunger would arise mid meal, and McDonalds was on speed dial.  My stomach felt like a balloon.  The doctor did not see anything in my labs to indicate an issue.  The local holistic pharmacy said the pcp would probably send me to gastro.  It was time to call my health coach back to the table.

She was originally contacted to help me battle the fluff that appeared from being in the house all of the time.  After a few months, I no longer felt the need for weekly check ins.  The struggle had returned, and I needed help.  She greeted me warmly, and inquired about my needs.  She explained that my body was reacting to the high anxiety which sent me spiraling her into famished mode.  It became clear as day that laps in the park would have to happen.  Isn’t this what my therapist has mentioned?

I am saying all of this to ask, are you properly using the resources that are available to you?  Do you schedule appointments with your PCP?  Did you interview therapists?  Did you switch the gym membership to laps in the park?  We have to be able to maintain ourselves beyond the inspirational memes on IG.