Nov 16

Saturday Sight

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Saturday Sight As I sat in conversation with fam, I looked around and saw it with my own two eyes. You can not be an island. You have to belong to a community. You have to belong to something greater than yourself. There has to be a higher calling to […]

Nov 15

Friday Thoughts

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“Friday Thoughts Life will forever bring you ups and downs. Disappointments will run rampant and people will leave you, friend, foe, and lover. Hearts will break and tears will fall. However, in spite of it all, you have to have a foundation. For some, this is their religious faith. Other […]

Nov 9

Saturday Sight

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Saturday Sight The predicament with being an adult is focusing on what is truly important. Do we work every day to pay our bills or to enjoy the finer things that life has to offer? Perhaps the degree on your wall was attained in order to get a higher paying […]

Nov 2

White Environment

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When I was growing up, my dad’s friend told me that I sounded like a little white girl. I did not know how to respond to that and he felt free to tell me. I guess since I was not splitting infinitives or using profane mannerisms, this made me an […]

Nov 2

Friday Fizzle

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Friday Fizzle There isn’t a single thing in this world that I could possibly want more than the embrace of this bed. The weight of the week has rendered me useless and I have been confined to the Sanctity of my home. The veggies and quinoa simmered on the stove […]

Nov 1

The Squad

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My life has had many different circles within its own cycle. Friends and associates have reflected different religions, various countries, and many races. There have been good friends and there have been friends to whom I have had to say farewell. As for the one constant squad of “homegirls” that […]

Nov 1

Wednesday Wipeout

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Wednesday Wipeout There is no glory in being busy 24/7. It isn’t healthy and the financial gains normally aren’t as beneficial as people would have you believe. You require adequate down time. The dog misses you. User Eats blocked you, and the neighbor claims that you no longer live in […]