Oct 20

Music Meets Reiki in Miramar

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The room was filled with people eagerly awaiting energy work. They were quiet and attentive. As the Reiki healers got into formation, I began to arpeggiate. My music would serve as the soundtrack for a Reiki Circle. One by one the songs engulfed me. The line between the notes and […]

Oct 16

Tuesday Twinge

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Tuesday Twinge It was something just for me. An hour all to myself. I did not have to share. I did not have to be in charge. I was free to react in any manner that I felt was appropriate. My time was all about what I needed as an […]

Oct 13

Saturday Reflection

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Once I released the green shirt, the universe conspired to confirm my focus going forward. A high end bridal bazaar landed in my lap out of nowhere. I adorned my person in bespoke white and settled upon the blue floral wall. The band came to say hello and exchange IG […]

Oct 10

My Moment: The Realization

2019-10-10T09:41:17+00:00October 10th, 2019|Inspiration for Women|0 Comments

My Moment: The Realization While eating my Jamaican patties, I stared at my harp. I realized what was important to me. My life shall now be organized accordingly. Silence served as the soundtrack as immediate decisions were made. I remembered who I am. You may have a lot going on […]

Oct 5

Saturday Singe

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Saturday Singe When you recognize that you can’t anymore, stop what you are doing. There are many goals that will be reached in life. However, the ultimate one is your personal happiness. Every day will not be filled with roses. There will be moments when you wonder how you are […]