Saturday Night: A Word….

Saturday Night: A Word….

There must be one thing that you want. It stands out on the list. It may not be at the top but it makes the top ten. Have you written it down? Drawn a picture? Talked about it? You should go after it.

A woman my age was buried this afternoon. She was murdered over something ridiculous. She is beautiful and left behind daughters. Was she doing what she wanted? Was her life everything that she wanted it to be?

She is a spirit now. Her body will decompose. All that will be left of her are memories, pictures, and her children. All of us are going that route. We owe it to ourselves to use what little time God has given us to chase happiness. Whatever that looks like for you, go after it. Make a plan. Get into formation. Create an accountability partner.

Disregard the opinions of others and create positive spaces for yourself. Chasing happiness often requires change and it may be uncomfortable….but the results are legendary.

Tuesday Twang

Tuesday Twang

As you survey the course of your life, is it one that you set forth for yourself or is it something that simply swallowed you? Decades often go by before we realize that happiness is within our grasp with something that is outside of our current reality. Perhaps it is a glimmer of a dream. No matter how faint…no matter the distance….take that glimmer and paint a picture. We are often submerged in the doubts and entrapment of others which then makes our own glimmer ever so small. This is why the picture has to be on a large canvas for the entire world to see and admire. One Love. ♥️🎶🌹🇯🇲🌈

Saturday Night Darkness: The Week a Boundary was Crossed

Saturday Night Reflection

We spend years of our lives investing in large corporations that don’t even know our faces, our struggles, our stories. Where is the concern for the invested penny for ourselves? Did you register for that Pilates class or take that branding workshop? Was it easier to get delivery from Chipotle?

It is the initiation of our current society that enables such behavior to the point that we aren’t even aware of it. Boundaries are not in place and even when they are, sometimes we are not even aware of when they are being crossed until the nagging ache in the pit of our stomach can’t be helped with ginger.

Take a look at your life and ask yourself…what am I doing exactly. If you don’t know, that is okay. If you have an inkling, great. Spend some time with it and allow it to marinate in the rains that are the foundation of our current Miami.

Analyze the gray, the black, the ugly and the week. We spend so much time focusing on the light that we forget there are other aspects that also exist that require another look.

Feast or famine. Fresh water or soda. Dance in the club or sleep on the beach. Ask yourself the important questions…and move into the next day unscathed.
One Love.


It was yet another normal morning when I woke up with a cold back. It was only a matter of hours before my throat was sore. The next thing I knew my body was in an all out war with itself. It was plagued with aches, chills, fever, and just general misery. The last day of work was not graced by my presence. I attended my brother’s wedding and had to warn people not to hug me. The chicken looked good but I could not eat it. The fever finally broke on Saturday but the cough lingered for days. Its force cautioned me not to eat food lest I see it again after the fact. Coughing fits interrupted the night as well as the day. Fatigue kept me bed ridden. Gasping for air was common. It was in that ocean of despair that I reached out to my primacy care physician; I required medical attention.
Upon entering his new office, the lovely pale green simply captured my attention. All of the people were so friendly. Someone came to greet me and shook my hand. I began to wonder if I was in the right place. Perhaps my doctor was replaced by his uncle. What exactly was happening here. When I was finally led to the room, there he was waiting for me. I WAS SO HAPPY TO SEE HIM! He took one blink at me and said Bronchitis. He then rambled off some words to his nurse practitioner and hauled. She completed the exam and he returned to check on everything.
The meds are working. The coughing fits are better and are no longer attempting to take me out. My diet has changed from watermelon to Jamaican soups. Meds are scheduled throughout the day. My mother and the Jamaican Posse are circling with requests for me to stay down south with them so that they may cook for me and make a general fuss over my existence. Life is pretty good.