May 26

Feather: I Have a Cap

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It was such a nice piece about a wonderful musician. He posted the link to his FB, and I enjoyed reading it. At the end of the article, readers were encouraged to suggest another creative for an interview. My mind fell on an artist that works with me. Her mural […]

May 11

Your Own Thing…..

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You have to have your own bag of tricks from which you create your own thing. The world is filled with people that are content to sit on their asses and do absolutely nothing while others yet compete for the spot of best imitator in life. With the uncertainty that […]

May 11


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There it was. The one comment that made me take pause. Why on earth would someone tell me that paradise was lackluster? It was not until a dear friend pointed out the intent that I realized the gravity of the matter. I was hit on and did not even know […]

May 3

Friday Reflection 4/11/19

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Good morning ladies. Healing is a life long process. We are constantly being bombarded with things that aren’t good for us on every platform: physical, mental, spiritual, and environmental to name a few. We are asked to let go and release things for our own good as a way to […]