Apr 30

Celebrity Death

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People die every day. We are only hearing about these people because they are famous. The contract was complete. They fulfilled the terms and it was time for them to return to the source. They will go through the review of this lifetime and face God prior to preparing for […]

Apr 28

Keep Going

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For the last week, yoga was not on my schedule. I stopped doing it in the mornings and it was not a thought on my mind. My gut simply hung on the horizon. The words of my yoga instructor faded from my mind. There I was simply lost in translation […]

Apr 28

Being Unhappy

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How many times have you heard a friend, sister, aunt, or even yourself…complain about how unhappy she is in her relationship. These are some common phrases: I want a divorce; I have invested the best years of my life to this relationship with nothing to show for it; Who would […]

Apr 14


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Good morning ladies. On this our second day of relaxation, we are given time to ask for what we truly want. Is it a life of leisure? More time to pursue that elusive interest? Maybe, you just want a nice long nap. Figure out what you truly want for your […]

Apr 12

The Calm is the Storm

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At any given time during the day, there are a million personalities, interruptions, and annoyances that I have to field. It is a grueling task. With so many people to deal with hour after hour, I am often drained prior to the end of the workday. It causes me to […]

Apr 11

My Streamline

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There I sat on my mat. My breath connected to my body, and my mind connected to my body. The ancient bridge appeared, and my whole being crossed over into being complete. Tears flowed as the gentle healing began to envelope my body. As I stood to greet the sun, […]

Apr 9


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Good morning ladies. Life is filled with emotions based on the trials and tribulations that we experience. It is such a relief to know that we often have the tools to deal with them if we are just aware of what is available to us. You are an infinite being […]