College Major

Do you ever wish that you could go back in time and change your college major? As I piece together the life that I think that I want, it dawns on me that my degree does not necessarily lend itself to my future. Africana studies. Womens’ studies. Ethnomusicology. By the same token, many people with degrees in these areas end up in the very job that I have now: education……

MF Letter #2

Good evening ladies. Due to popular demand, I have decided to offer another ode. It is titled:

Ode to the Most Current MF: Jussie

Mf. It is February. The shortest month of the entire year has been designated to celebrate a massive part of American history that often goes undetected and whitewashed…..this did not stop your motherfuckery.

Mf. You represent two marginalized societies. You are a black gay man living in the United States of Amerikkka with its head honcho wearing the largest white hood…..this did not stop your motherfuckery.

Mf. Most of us will never see $65,000.00 in a year what say per episode…this did not stop your motherfuckery…

Mf. Not once did you consider Law & Order prior to concocting your own predicament…..nothing stopped the motherfuckery.

Therapy did not enter your mind. Nay.
You really didn’t think that anyone would discover all of the holes? Nay.
Now, we have a new hash tag and food for the ultimate roast. Everyone else may call you Jussie….not I sir. I don’t deal with Bamas……..I deal with Mfs…..and Mf, you just got MF of 2019. May your reign be long and viral.

Let us pray…..

MF Letter #1

A pleasant good night to all of the ladies. Tonight, I would like to offer an Ode…to the Mf.

The Mf is completely clueless to how life is supposed to flow. It interrupts classes for unimportant reasons and simply talks, and talks, and talks…until people are struck with rigor and even then….the sound of the loud booming voice continues…..

The Mf does not arrive prepared for any situation but expects to be properly compensated for time wasted. There is no rhyme or reason to it’s game….simply an array of straight fuckery….

The biggest problem with the proper development of a Mf is that it can thrive in any element….workplace, relationship, locker room, doctors office, the damn morgue…..a true Mf knows no bounds. It is properly prepared in the art of true motherfuckery and works on a daily basis to perfect its craft.

And so I say to all of you, there is really no true way for you to protect yourself from Mfs. They are big and small, old and young, fat and skinny….but one thing always remains true….

A Mf is a Mf.

Have a pleasant evening. 🙏🏿


Good evening ladies. I hope that Wednesday finds you well. How are your daily endeavors? Are you happy? Are they fulfilling? Do you question if you have reached your full potential because you know there has to be more?

Journal. Ask questions. Watch a YouTube video. Talk to others that feel the same way. Find just the right book that suits your situation. If at all possible, attend a presentation/lecture to expand your possibilities…..unless you become the presenter yourself..

Trailblaze on your own behalf. The best brand that you will ever invest in is yourself. Think how much better the world turns when you are running at full blast.”

Church Discomfort

It was another church service. I must have been in middle school. There I sat in the church service next to my mother. We never sat in the front but more towards the back. People were going up to the altar as the pastor gave his call. This is something that never resonated with me. It was a very emotional time for many people but it simply left me in an unbothered state. However, on this day, my mother decided that both of us were going to the altar.
She was sitting to my left instead of my right. I would have to move in order for her to leave the pew. She stood there hastening me to get up and go with her. It was the last thing on earth that I wanted to do. My eyes could have cried tears of embarrassment. There I was in front of the entire church; uncomfortable.

Stories from the Vault of Crystal

It was a 3 day cruise. I covered both tickets. I made arrangements to get both of us to the ship and I would ride home solo so that I could get to work. Also, I was informed, “I’m a grown ass man and can take care of myself.” We shall revisit that statement.

This was in the time way before Uber was even a twinkle in transportation’s eye. It was taxi cab or taxi cab. Upon arrival to the port, my luggage was ready to go. He began calling friends at 6am to come get him. No one answered. Not a one. All of the men that frequented his home on a regular basis and not one person responded. I began to hear the frustration in the form of low “man”, sighs, and the sucking of teeth.

I pretended not to notice the sudden gaze upon my person as a solution. “Eh”. I’m assuming that translates to hey. I looked in his general direction. “Let me hold ten dollars.” I blinked and asked why. “So I can catch a cab…”. I don’t know a lot about cab fare but I’m going to venture that a ride from the port of Miami to Miami Lakes and then to Miami Gardens was way more than $10.00. However, I brought enough cash to take care of myself…especially since I was told, “I’m a grown ass man and can take care of myself…”

Random February

Saturday morning has found me wide awake in my comfortable bed. As I search youtube for uplifting videos, I wonder about the direction of my life. What do I want and how do I plan to get there? Have my priorities changed? Does my dream remain under the moon? I have been wanting to leave this job for well over ten years now, but has a formal step been made? No. Where am I now in the second month of the New Year?