Jun 10

I don’t fit: Ch 3

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This is not to say that I do not have friends. There are associates, coworkers, friends, and dear friends. A best friend is not in the cards for me. There have been love interests. However, as of this moment, I am unable to say with certainty that there is a […]

Jun 10

I don’t fit: Ch 2

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My time was being spent developing me. The nights of picking up my best friend to spend a fortune on food were no more. Cooking had to become a constant activity because of the detox that Pilates was causing. After work, I stopped going to hang out with her at […]

Jun 10

I don’t fit: Chapter I

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I never fit into the norm a single day in my life. As a child, unicorns and animals interested me. Art and music soon followed. My mother spent most of her time making sure that I did not explore anything. She also insisted that I attend church with her which […]

Jun 7

Harpitation: A Baby’s Welcome

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I became friends with a pregnant woman. We talk every Monday for about an hour. I have been wanting to serenade her baby for a while now, and today brought that opportunity my way. Two other coworkers joined us for the festivities. There we were in a rugged formation. Holding […]