Tales of an Introvert

It was a three day weekend. There were so many events that held my interest. I even had a ticket that I had purchased months ago to attend a function. Instead of attending a few or even one, I opted to maintain a low profile. My nagging cramps and probiotic usage did not help matters. Nonetheless, it was the ultimate introvert episode. Netflix was my BFF, and my social height was wandering into an independent cinema to watch a popular movie. That is a move that will definitely be made again.
What if more people simply pulled away from being all over the place all of the time? What does being busy all of the time accomplish? At the end of the day, it really comes down to the close circle that you build for yourself. There will always be a major event that is simply to die for. A new show will always be on the horizon. That new talent will always make its debut on the very night that you need a nap. Well, a three day nap was required. Sometimes, it is just easier not to deal with people. Work exhausts me because it requires interaction with others all day long. I am never alone or have any privacy. That stays with you throughout the weekend. So, for this little vacation, the world did not see me.

Orange Is Not My Favorite

People are running around scared. No one wants to travel. There is a rally almost every day, and orange is definitely a popular color. How does one remain sane while going forward?
I have found a list of books written by feminist authors that I plan to read. It is important to be educated about the foundation that allowed this climate to create the current storm. Instead of complaining all the time, fun activities consume me. Yesterday, I took a group of women to the race track. Lunch at Texas de Brazil was the perfect follow up. There is one more thing that I strongly suggest.
Kiss someone. Not on the cheek and not quickly. Have a full make out session with that special person. Invite them for tea and do not drink a drop. The intimacy of this act can leave a person in a heightened state of euphoria which tends to dim the lights of anything negative. Cheers.