May 28

Presence & Prayer

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It was an interesting Friday evening. My bed held me captive. Dinner was in the fridge, and night fall could not descend upon me fast enough. The patio cleaning was canceled so that I could attend a party. I did not plan to stay because tired was a beginning adjective […]

May 19


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People have been telling me that I look smaller. Are you losing weight? ME?! I have not exercised in months. Food is something that I enjoy without any regulation. How does this regimen contribute to a smaller me? Who knows. However, the inspiring comments prompted me to walk for exactly […]

May 5


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Lately, I have been exhausted. It has not been one thing running me into the ground but the entire scene. My work day was extended because of the training I was facilitating for upcoming student performances. My social endeavors have been maintained with at least one event a week and […]