My Community of Women: New Thoughts, Basic Needs

Crystal & Crystal

Crystal & Crystal

What is the name of the magic that happens when women congregate with each other? It is a universal sensation. At some point, the thought enters our heads that you know, I want to hang out with other women such as myself. No kids. No men. No talk about the 9-5pm. Let’s just get together and enjoy the finer things in life. Connections and new support systems occur because of such gatherings. Memories are made and selfies galore attack social media.
Movements exist in the modern day on this very ancient concept: Sister Talk, Girl Connections, Girls’ Night Out, Women’s Circles….all of them are based on the various needs of our feminine community. As a proud facilitator of women’s circles, I know of the need for such concepts because of how they sustain us. Women need their own space in which to express themselves and develop. It is also a chance to see the wonderful personalities that exist among us.
As the first month of a new year comes to a close, my heart wants more for my little circle. It is time for us to leave the beach as a main fixture. We need to get out into the community and be seen by others sitting down in coffee houses. December saw the introduction of focus groups which will continue into the Spring. Discussions should remain but let’s step up the accountability of each other. There are new business owners that would benefit from casual mentoring conversations. Every single one of us would benefit from tea, coffee, or even a nice glass of wine. Our village should be in place so that it can grow. It is our responsibility to do such things so that our daughters can easily take our places.
What thoughts do you have about your community of women? Do you think that it should focus on a new agenda?

Mermaids of Africa: Where are they?

The Mystical Mermaid caught my attention as it was an off the beaten path sort of store which is a good environment for me. It was filled with all things oceanic. The depictions of mermaids were beautiful. While browsing the birthday cards, it occurred to be that maybe I should purchase a mermaid that looked like me. Wait a minute. Where are they? I left the store with the question lingering on my mind as the day engulfed me.
Upon waking, strong visions of an African goddess struck me. She is often painted as a mermaid. I soon found myself contacting the store with my questions. The response indicated that there were a few prints in the store but that black mermaids were difficult to find. I reached out to a black mermaid on Facebook with this situation. She said that black mermaids had to unite and discuss the mermaid mythology of Africa. It was imperative for me to return to the store to view the prints that were in stock. While returning to my hotel room, all sorts of thoughts crowded my mind.
How are we supposed to grow and develop without reflections of ourselves? As simple as you take it, the mermaid situation struck a strong chord with me. Recently, mermaids were painted on my arms much to my delight(Henna). My zodiac sign is Pisces.
How is a little black girl supposed to find her way without a street with lights on it? Shortly after the conversation with the real life mermaid, a mermaid style dress appeared on my newsfeed. This was not an accident. Something has begun.

Detox Cry for Help

Between the holiday brunch and the massive shrimp dinner at the holiday dinner buffet……my body took an over abundant hit of food. While turning into a social butterfly, I also turned into a foodie. The holidays will do that to you. Food and wine simply appear and you do not have to make much of an effort. It simply appears in front of you and ends up in your hands. As I awoke the next morning, I was placed in the impossible position of being bloated and hungry at the same time. It is something that I would not wish on an enemy.
My body was filled to capacity, and nothing was moving much to my dismay. Something drastic had to be done. I found my senna in the cabinet and quickly boiled some tea. It is funny how we often have the answer to our problems within reach but have yet to put two and two together. At the stroke of midnight, the toilet became my friend. For approximately thirty minutes, the toilet captured the waste as my eyes drenched my face with tears. It is not uncommon to cry while on the toilet; however, it is becoming more and more frequent for me. This particular episode was such a release for me. Everything was going inside of my body but nothing was coming out. It was awful. Bilious even presented itself but it was no match for the peppermint oil that I quickly consumed. Three o’ clock found me back on the toilet which then contributed to my insomnia. Needless to say, a proper detox is in order and will be started shortly.