When my gyn found the aliens that were occupying my uterus, she asked me if I wanted surgery. Unless it was required, I did not want it. After months of taking pain pills, it was time to consider something more direct to assist me. During the summer, a woman happened to tell me about Seanjari Preeti. It was not long before I schedule a yoni steam and began my journey with the pearls. No, they are not white. They are small sacks of herbs that are inserted and worn for a few days. Afterwards, all sorts of alien material can be anticipated. Nothing happened with the first round of pearls; however, the second round produced strange looking debris. That was inside of me?
During this time of detoxification, a tug of war seemed to be taking place with my ovaries. The left one is being held captive by the cysts & fibroids while the right one remains free. There were several left twinges, but the right also decided to get into the mix. This was new. Apparently, they were balancing out. Now that I have seen the power of the pearls, what happens next? There are at least three more rounds of pearls in my immediate future, and a yoni steam or two. It has been a rather interesting experience.

An Inspirational Sight

Sometimes, your life seems to dip into a swirling abyss. All you can do is hope for the best while expecting the next whirlpool. Insomnia seems to be ruining my life at the moment. Focusing on anything is impossible, and people simply irritate me by existing. There is never enough time to do anything, and mornings are my worst enemy. There is no energy to supply anything. Ambition, drive, passion, and multi-tasking are all dead. Small things become large things and the sense of failure begins to creep in. It could really make a girl pout.

After an involved weekend, I ventured to an event to learn more about the intimate side of relationships. Upon arrival, a chair received me. Upon my first survey of the room, everyone looked so very sheik and together. However, the Mistress of Ceremonies was certainly a sight to behold. She looked so very pulled together. I even mentioned to her that she looked like the perfect version of someone that has everything going for her. A big happy smile with a gorgeous outfit. It made me rejoice in the middle of my self criticism. She strutted around the room taking questions and inserting spurts of enthusiasm. It was quite charming. As simple as you take it, it really made me think about myself.

There are some changes that need to take place in order for me to maintain myself. While my womb detox is in the process as we speak, my diet is what put it in jeopardy to begin with. My view of food does not see it as fuel for life; I enjoy eating because it tastes good. My favorite meal is dessert. Anything sweet is my cup of tea. This is not in my best interest given that Diabetes runs in my family. My desire to cook is also going with the wind. I want to hire a food delivery service for a little while. Healthy meals would be delivered to my door, and I could stop worrying about providing myself with three meals a day.

Self-employment sits on my mind. Waking up first thing in the morning does not suit me at all. The sun needs to be in the sky for a few hours before my body should be required to leave my bed. Working on my own agenda sounds like a gem, and the possibility of an assistant causes me to grin. Imagining myself as a consultant of sorts intrigues me.

There is no rhyme or reason to the way that I dress. It is not hip, and it is not an outfit that stops traffic. Conservative, hippie, and all black come to mind when thinking about how my attire embraces me. My wardrobe should express more about who I am overall. Sometimes, I try to attach a goal to my outfit. What is the desire result from this combination of fabric? There are other aspects that are missing. How does one bring such things forward? Yes, the consideration of a stylist has been brought to the table where it still remains.

All of these things ran around my mind after settling into the chair. The Mistress of Ceremonies continued her mission of interacting with people while they responded with comments to the questions on the floor. My wine vanished as I blinked.

Lover of Poetry


The first time I ever saw Spoken Word Poetry was on HBO in 2000. The center stage was taken by the Punany Poet herself, Jessica Holter. After seeing and performing in a few shows open mics in Miai, I felt myself rather at home as a captive audience member in the local poetry community. After my friend and well known poet Will Bell was murdered, I vanished from all poetic activity. There was no interest or desire to even lurk in a dark corner to remain captivated by a story as it unfolded in a secy atmosphere surrounded by complete strangers. This year seems to be my poetic re-entry time. Between Thou Art Woman and Girl Talk, poetry has surrounded me once again. Let us not forget how I met the delightful Crystal Chanel the MOC at ArtServe. Poetry was presented there as well and now it seems as if there is a limerick waiting for me every week. Familiar faces now appear at my new haunts. Another favorite of mine, Red Writing Hood has become a regular at my family functions. It is wonderful to see different poets and experience different literary flavors. Some words tickle while others strike a chord. I am happy to say that everything has come full circle and it was wonderful to be back where it all started….admiring my favorite poet, Jessica Holter.