Aug 23

Sunday Blues

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My day began at noon. I ventured out into the world to buy herbs at the local farmer’s market. Publix soon saw me purchasing meat and pasta. Once I returned home, leftovers were warmed for lunch. That is when I felt the crown that cost me approximately $200.00 pop out […]

Aug 19

Follow Your Gut

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It was the so called “sweet” sixteen year of my life. A new youth pastor came to the church where I was a musician. Upon arrival, he proceeded to contact all of the teenage girls after 10pm via phone. Let me also mention that none of the boys were contacted. […]

Aug 19

The Snake

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It was many years ago. Perhaps I was still in my twenties. My single status reigned supreme. An older gentleman had taken an interest after seeing me at church service where he was speaking. As a former pastor, he still toured the church circuit. I agreed to meet him for […]

Aug 7

Dental Disaster

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The sight of the tiny elevator sent me to the stairs. Into the office I wandered. Once I settled into the chair, the dentist came to talk to me. The numbing process began. Three shots later, it had not taken to his liking. The gums were given an extra dosage […]

Aug 3

Harpitation is in Hell

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Upon hearing that there was an issue with the cd that I released, I immediately popped the finished product into the player. After hearing it, I went home and sat down. It was an attempt not to break into tears. It was a huge effort on my part to go […]