Jun 30

My Notions

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It was blackened pizza with a side of cookies that should have been reported. After finishing a chastising email to Publix, a post about the local Farmer’s Market popped onto the screen. I plan to go there this week to check it out as I have never been to one. […]

Jun 27

The Need

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It was a Friday. After spending large amounts of time inside the house, I was dying to escape and rejoin the world outside. However, I find myself in my typical situation: I am single, most of my friends are in relationships….who is available? It has been an effort of mine […]

Jun 14

A Year Later

2015-06-14T21:03:27+00:00June 14th, 2015|Brief: Short and Sweet|0 Comments

Life changed before my very eyes. My mother was devastated as she buried the love of her life. That was a year ago this last week. I wondered how I wanted to spend the day. Would I have a graveyard picnic? Would I hang around my mom for no apparent […]

Jun 3

Spoken Word: The Return

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The invite popped up on Facebook. There was a lot of time on my hands and it looked so very interesting. It was a spoken word night at a local fashion house that I had never heard of. Prior to the death of a dear friend, I used to attend […]