Bellydance Does A Complete Hip Circle: The Conspiracy of the Universe

IMG_1021 It was 2010 when I hung up my hip scarf. My last hafla performance was in Orlando in a lovely red dress that shimmered from head to toe. Days before, I graced the stage at a holistic conference in Miami Shores. I sat behind a desk in shock at the amount of money I made in 20minutes vs. my regular job. My class at the shelter was given to another instructor. I walked away from it all. The costumes, shimmying, shows, haflas….all of it. It was over for me. The better part of my costumes were sold with the exception of two. My life went in other directions. It was fine. That was five years ago.
Lately, my radio has played the music of the Middle East. My English cousin arrived for a visit, and I planned a dinner in her honor at a Mediterranean restaurant that I used to frequent. The house dancer got me up to perform with her. My scarf, which was bought in Egypt, was wrapped around my waist. That was all she wrote.
Days before my shimmy, an event planner called. Crystal, that bride is having her anniversary party, and it is a Moroccan theme. Can you send me estimates for a bellydance performance? In the blink of an eye, the world that I left so long ago came knocking at my door. The same English cousin wrapped a present for me prior to arriving in America. When I opened it, finger cymbals & a book fell out. It was about bellydance.
When the universe conspires to take you down a path, if you are aware of the signs, you follow it. In this case, there is a gentle push for me to reconnect with something that brought me a great deal of happiness for a long time. I wonder what it will be like now that I am older. Will I perform again? Has my dance identity changed? What about classes, will I teach? A lot of new questions now lay on my plate.

The Broccoli Chronicles

It was a delicious meal. Broiled salmon, potatoes, garlic, olives, and broccoli rounded out a wonderful dinner. I was so very proud of myself for creating something so yummy. That was my Friday night. Saturday morning found me in between two destinations with a quick stop at my home. Why would I stop at my home if I have somewhere to be? There are some things that you would rather take care of in the privacy of your own abode.
It was a sheer delight for me to make a pit stop. Off I went into the world to continue with my schedule. Upon my return, there I was again attending to myself. You must be wondering what was happening, and why I required so much attention from myself. Thoughts of the blackened broccoli simmering in the olive oil and then being inhaled came to mind. Such a green veggie causes extreme ease within the digestion system which is normally my Achilles tendon.
By the time I was choosing an outfit for my evening out, I required some more time to myself. After leaving the house, burping soon followed. Enough burping to interrupt my conversation. Fortunately, I was in the company of a vegan. My voice inquired about the benefits of garlic. We soon got into the benefits of broccoli. I explained the situation. She elaborated on the subject. It was a rather healthy conversation.
Would you believe that while we were watching the dance performance, we were given green popcorn?

The Pictures

As I looked at my father’s picture, the frame seemed small and unfit for such a great man. It was then that I decided to enlarge the picture and get a proper frame so that I could look at my father with an appropriate view. While making the necessary arrangements at Walgreens, it occurred to me that my mother would appreciate a larger print of the same picture. I adjusted the order while picking out frames. The photographer soon informed me that he printed three picture by mistake and would only charge me for two; the third one would be on him. A smile crossed my face because that was not a mistake. My father wanted me to give the third picture to my brother whom is still quite shaken by his departure although he does not say it aloud.
When I entered my door, I eagerly placed the new picture in its new frame on the appropriate altar. Daddy now sat next to his father in a lovely frame. The interesting part of this is that a few years ago, my mother enlisted my help with a little project that she wanted to work on for my father. She said that he spoke about his father every single day and the man had been dead for well over twenty years. It was a testament to the connection that Daddy always recognized. She said that he had a small picture of his father. She wanted to have it enlarged but was not sure how to go about doing it. I asked her to give me the picture so that I could take care of it for her. I had two copies of the picture enlarged. One was returned to my mother for my father to enjoy. The other went on my altar. My grandfather was in heaven long before I came into existence; however, I have known him my entire life. Both of them now pursue new things in the land of the ancestors as their pictures lay before me.

Solitude at the Beach

In an effort to slow down and catch myself, my evenings have consisted of ice cream and binge watching Scandal on Netflix. It was working out quite nicely for me until last night. The beach crossed my mind. I love walking on the beach at night. The massive crowds have left, and the ocean simply takes me into her embrace. I closed my laptop and packed my golden beach bag. Off to Hollywood I went.
Dusk greeted me as my feet carried me over the small bridge to the sand. There my body plopped happy to be in nature. A dog followed its owner in the waves. My eyes took in the sight of a small mansion being build behind the dunes. Beachside property has always crossed my mind, but the thought of hurricane season has always deterred such a stream of thoughts. The waves peaked as white foam before softly crashing on the shore. The skyline twinkled all the way down to Miami, and ships honked far off in the distance.
Thoughts were allowed to unwind in my head. My eyes closed as my feet dug into the sand. This brief solitude was worth a long day at work. As the sky flashed with electricity, the heavy darkness began to fall. My golden bag was soon scooped up as my feet carried me back over the bridge to my Element. I will visit the beach more often because it makes me smile.IMG_0754

Reiki: The Practicioner

As soon as she lay on the bed, she fell asleep. It was as if her body had been waiting for this one moment for a very long time; an opportunity to relax and let all cares fade away into the distance. The process was more natural for me than what I had anticipated. Such a session allows me to follow my intuition completely. While working on my client, my crown chakra suddenly became rather engaged. Fortunately for me, such an action was anticipated, and I simply slipped my scarf over my head. I soon realized that while I had been focused on the effects that would be experienced by the other party, there were also beneficial effects for me.
It was a challenge to remember all of the information that was received during the session until the end. The points that I broached were confirmed and developed into a comforting discussion. Relaxation and solitude were a requirement for this individual. I am excited to see where this new journey takes me.

My Happy Day

When my car would not start, it was not a shock. It had been warning me that something was wrong. Between wanting to rest and a busy schedule, the car did not make it to the top five. I wandered back into the house and made myself some eggs while notifying AAA. The bearded tow truck driver informed me that there was an issue with the battery. I politely smiled at him and requested that he tow it to the dealership. The battery team that checked the car the previous evening had already informed me that a new starter was needed.
A few moments later, Enterprise was hearing from me. Unfortunately, they could not pick me up until 10am which would not wor for me. I had somewhere to be. After walking for about an hour, my shadow darkened the doorstep. With the swipe of a VISA, a white Beetle buzzed me away to my destination. A few surprise breaks and a batch of cake pops tided me over until I could crawl back into my humble abode.
Wine. Hot bath. Silence. Not necessarily in that order….

The Power of Music

The secretary named Crystal needed to speak to me. While we were talking, she told me about the cd that I gifted the secretaries for their special day.

“I wanted to thank you for the beautiful CD we received for secretary’s day. I would like to share something that happened last night. My niece was visiting and she shared with me that she has been suffering from insomnia since her mother’s passing in March. I took her outside and sat her in my car and played the CD for her, after a few minutes she fell asleep. It was the first time that she was able to sleep for any length of time. I gave her the CD and she called me this morning to tell me she had achieved a full night sleep with the CD playing. I just wanted to say thank you..”. Such feedback is worth more than any check that is given to me.
When I realized that the primary class was making percussion instruments, I decided to supply them with a class set. While en route to the general area, it was difficult to locate the room. I wondered into another classroom to ask where I could find my destination. Upon entering the land of the smurfs, all activity ceased. A lone voice could be heard exclaiming, “THE MUSIC TEACHER IS HERE!”. All of a sudden, all of the smurfs began chanting the word music. Blushing soon took over my face as the harp presentation crossed my mind; this class was the audience and apparently, they remembered it well.
Later that day, a teacher asked as to what transpired in the room. While explaining the warm moment, she informed me that the primary grades were so starved for cultural exposure because of the demands of the heavy academic schedule. I asked her if there was time to schedule another musical interaction with the children, and she responded with a jubilant yes. Perhaps my violist has some time to show them the wonderful world of the string family.
Prior to teaching my new private student, she informed me that her birthday party was coming up and that my presence was required. What have I done to receive such honors from the smallest people on earth. All of these things happened on the same day. How marvelous.