May 24

The Broccoli Chronicles

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It was a delicious meal. Broiled salmon, potatoes, garlic, olives, and broccoli rounded out a wonderful dinner. I was so very proud of myself for creating something so yummy. That was my Friday night. Saturday morning found me in between two destinations with a quick stop at my home. Why […]

May 17

The Pictures

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As I looked at my father’s picture, the frame seemed small and unfit for such a great man. It was then that I decided to enlarge the picture and get a proper frame so that I could look at my father with an appropriate view. While making the necessary arrangements […]

May 13

Solitude at the Beach

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In an effort to slow down and catch myself, my evenings have consisted of ice cream and binge watching Scandal on Netflix. It was working out quite nicely for me until last night. The beach crossed my mind. I love walking on the beach at night. The massive crowds have […]

May 7

My Happy Day

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When my car would not start, it was not a shock. It had been warning me that something was wrong. Between wanting to rest and a busy schedule, the car did not make it to the top five. I wandered back into the house and made myself some eggs while […]

May 1

The Power of Music

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The secretary named Crystal needed to speak to me. While we were talking, she told me about the cd that I gifted the secretaries for their special day. “I wanted to thank you for the beautiful CD we received for secretary’s day. I would like to share something that happened […]