Gut Moment

My day was supposed to be spent in a chilly room in the City of Miami. Instead of attending the presentation, I decided to follow my gut and schedule an important phone call. Many ideas were shared with me about how I could resurrect my harp ensemble. It was inspirational and spoke directly to my situation. Two pages worth of notes and several emails started my new project as I continued to work on my vision from Sunday. Because it was a day of leisure, there was time for me to go to the local chapel for meditation with another musician; it was during the time of the church bells, noon.
As we approached, the bells were sounding much to our delight. We settled into the pews after splashing ourselves with holy water. My scarf immediately found itself covering my head, and my eyes closed. The movie began in my head. Between the colors of light and the friendly angel, it was apparent that we had good company. It was in the middle of the movie that I realized that I was in for quite an experience. My hands fell open to engage the surrounding energies. There was so much to share that we went to lunch to talk.
It was good to connect on this level as the information that I shared resonated with her and spoke to her current experiences. We soon parted ways, and I headed home. It was a good day because it followed what I wanted to do. It was nice to be able to listen and act upon that initial thought. It laid the foundation for a day filled with messages and human connection.

The Continuing Journey

A few weeks ago, I attended a class on pendulums. There is one on an altar somewhere, but it is never used because I always found it confusing. My decision to attend was at the last minute and received with a lot of enthusiasm. It made me social and I learned something. There was also an individual that took another look at me which caused quite a stir amongst my friends for the remainder of the weekend.
With my feet back into the educational swing, my attention turned to the Brian Weiss workshop. It had been on my calendar since the Fall, but I hesitated to register in case a performance arose. The current prices were astronomical, and I booked a client for a reading instead. Needless to say, the universe had other plans for me. As I dined on my Whole Foods dinner on Saturday night, a call came in regarding the workshop. A free ticket was being given to me. The erasure marks were still in my schedule. It was then that I realized that there had to be reason why I needed to be present. My schedule was immediately adjusted to accommodate this amazing opportunity.
While I have conducted past life regressions, Brian Weiss is not someone that I have ever read about or looked into on a serious note. This was going to be my immersion into his findings. The exercises and meditations made me rather sleepy. A signed book and new Steven Halpern cd accompanied me home to a nice night of slumber. So, I know that you are wondering why I was there.
It is still a bit of a mystery to me. There wasn’t anything terribly new to my ears although it was a relaxing time. My answer may come to me a bit later. Well, there is one thing. During one of the meditations, I saw myself wearing a flower halo in a lovely white dress with my hands in a prayer pose. There was also the sight of my harp logo. Perhaps there is an immediate find after all.

Hi Daddy

As I tiptoed into the office, an associate greeted me. I sat down and leaned in with a whisper: “I do not know where my father is buried”. She was very kind and responded that it is a very common occurrence. A map was presented which soon followed an escorted ride to the exact spot where my father was last seen in his body. There is no tombstone as of yet because my mother has yet to address it. On top of the place where the casket that held him descended into the earth is where my body planted itself for some time today. The sound of wind chimes were very pleasant. Other people were in other locations in the graveyard delivering flowers to their loved ones. My father would probably prefer a copy of Sports Illustrated or The Miami Herald.
There I sat simply having a conversation with him. His contributions to my life make me wonder if I am being effective with my life purpose. Am I making a difference? What is my legacy? The wind began to push me about as my feet carried me to my car. As I drove away, mental notes were taken regarding the spot of my father’s grave in the hopes that I could return with ease. It was time for me to return to Broward County so that I could further my knowledge about ancestors; there was a class on the subject. Because I have such a direct connection now, it is a topic of great interest to me.

Problem Solving: The Crystal Way/Piscean Power

As the Retrograde began, a serious issue came to my attention. Instead of confronting it head on, I decided to lay low to give myself enough time to think clearly and rationalize the predicament. It was the best move ever. I reached a solution to this impasse and developed a plan of investigation in order for me to go farther. What is the moral of this shared experience? Honor your feelings. If something doesn’t feel right or just doesn’t sit properly with you, do not dismiss it as nothing. Do not ignore it or look the other way. When dealing with your well being, be diligent and always have enough time to handle it. Nothing is more important than you.

Questioning Thought: A New Development

Sometimes, my interactions with people cause me to take a pause. More often than not, this is the case which is part of why I would rather stay in the comfort of my own home. It is simply easier and safer. The downside of this is that the house begins to swallow you whole. Time passes you by and life becomes mundane. This is not news.
What is news is that after a long period of questioning and trying to rationalize my purpose in life, an epiphany washed over me earlier today. Research and browsing are both something that I would like to conduct for myself once again. There are certain spiritual matters that require answers for me. This will require training, reflecting, interviews, and time. It is my hope that I can find whatever it is that seeks me. It is comforting to know that there is a foundation that I can lay. Resources will begin to reveal themselves, and a new layer of myself shall unfold. Am I not the onion that is peeled away layer by layer?