Archangel Haniel

It has been quite some time since I have received direct messages from my favorite archangel. She encouraged me to believe in myself. She said that I should believe in my dreams. Her presence was felt during the wondrous meditation that happened with the help of Youtube. Why would she have a message to share now?
There are truths about myself that have yet to be revealed. There are truths about others that have yet to be discovered. An entire world of adventure and knowledge lays in wait for me to explore. We are beyond the half way point of the year; perhaps some thought should be spent on how the second half should be executed. This served as a gentle reminder with love and compassion. These are sentiments that I treasure during this time in my life.

Youtube: My New Meditation Frontier

This Summer season has been a rather involved. My father made his transition in June, and my life changed over night. Between spending more time with my mother and performances, the normal flow changed course. I do not rise prior to noon and nights are spend watching television or in the company of friends. Meditation was a distant thought but not one that was forgotten. Yesterday felt like the perfect time for me to return to a realm of comfort.
It was last year when I discovered that I had to change my meditation practice every couple of months in order for it to be successful. Normally, I would just change the music. Last night brought Youtube to my attention on my television! After scrolling through the meditation clips, there was one that featured beautiful pictures with three hours worth of music. My fingers pressed play, and the room was put together for a relaxing time.
As my eyes closed, beautiful pictures of exotic lands appeared. Large mountains and misty waterfalls made themselves known. There was even an image of me looking down at myself dressed in green standing on a marvelous black carpet awaiting something amazing. The session brought me such joy that a text was immediately sent to a dear friend; now she wants to try meditation to Youtube!
There are no plans in my agenda for this evening. A book will most likely befriend me while I lounge on my favorite piece of furniture; the bed. It would not surprise me if I decide to revisit the lovely lands that embraced me not so long ago. What shall I see next:)

The Smokey Eye

The Smokey Eye look became a reality for me last December; however, it wasn’t something that I felt comfortable recreating by myself. The video tutorial that I watched did not offer much comfort. My enthusiastic mother contacted the MAC counter to find out if they could do a quick lesson, and they consented free of charge; I just never made it there. As of today, things have changed.
My next angelic appearance, in costume, happens this coming Saturday. I wanted to combine the smokey eye with gold accents to carry the celestial realm to my facial expression. When a friend invited my to hang out today, it occurred to me that it was time to try it for myself. After all I did view a new video on youtube yesterday. Why not give it a test run?
From the moment that I finished, my eyes were never distracted from staring at myself. The colors were simply amazing. The look was completed with a nude lip which made for a nice subtle contrast. The idea of being seen in public was exhilarating. Why I even initiated a business interaction which went quite well. I am convinced that it was the make up. Saturday can not arrive fast enough for me. The anticipation of the pictures is more than I can take….

Mercury in Retrograde: The Summer of 2014

While June of this year will not go down as the best time in my life, it is not the worst time either. There have been great difficulties in every department of my journey but there have also been wonderful moments that would not have happened without the presence of the difficulty. Let us begin with my appointment with the ever popular gynecologist. Yes, you already know what time it is.
As I sat in the patient room awaiting the results from my ultrasound, I was prepared for bad news. My body had been exhibiting signs of distress for quite some time now. However, when she walked in with the nurse practitioner, the room seemed to blink for a moment. Two fibroids, two cysts, and a mass had taken up residence in my uterus. I remarked that there seemed to be a lot of occupants taking up space in there. My first question was about surgery; do you have to go in there? If so, now is the time due to my vacation. There isn’t any danger at this time and August shall find executing a second ultrasound. This whole scene could have gone another route.
Once I got myself home, my fingers started researching alternative approaches to this situation. The first thing that came to my attention was nutrition. A nice diet would assist with the process of trying to get rid of them. Everything that I enjoy on a daily basis had to be eliminated. While the idea of being a bunny rabbit is not necessarily appealing to me, the possible benefits are.
The boxes of microwave popcorn were tossed away. Kernels will now be popped on the stove in coconut oil. The alcohol was replaced with a very fine sparkling grape juice. Coffee will become tea…again. Spinach, onions, mushrooms, & garlic have been consumed since Monday. There isn’t a proper substitute for ice cream; not entirely certain what to do about that. There are also books and experts that I shall consult about the situation.
Between my health and the transition of my beloved father, perhaps tears could flow like a river. Instead, I have chosen to spend time in the company of fun loving friends, visit with my mother, and delight in the wonders of tea. Uplifting literature sustains me throughout the day. Doors are closing around me which means that new ones will open shortly. There are projects that are presenting themselves to keep me busy. July is filled with performances, and my new logo must go on the paperwork that clients need in order to book my services. Why, bellydance has even seen the return of its long lost daughter.
Life will always change. I figured that I can either sit still and let it pass me by, or flow with it. After all, existence is not the goal. Living a life is. How I live it is part of the journey.