Jun 15


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1.) Blogging: Writing about my experiences really helps me get to the bottom of my feelings while allowing my friends a chance to connect with me. It avoids alienation and enhances the human experience. While I have been around a lot of people for longer periods of time, I am […]

Jun 15

The Final Curtain Call

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Thursday, June 5, 2014 There I was wrestling with the idea of spending the evening at my parents’ home. My mother was alone in the house while my father was in the nursing home. She was spending all of her waking hours attending to him. I had the idea of […]

Jun 5

An Angel Appears

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It was a terrible situation. There was no way out for me, and it was tearing away at my spirit. I contacted two acquaintances that immediately came to discuss the predicament with me. Shortly after that afternoon, one of them told me how much she loved angels. She believed that […]

Jun 2

We Are Singing A New Tune

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When I saw the wedding pictures of a previous acquaintance, a realization happened for me. The gypsies that once danced around that large bonfire on the outskirts of society have found a new cause in life: settling down. We may still buck convention and live outside of the box, but […]